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on Incredible Otter Sighting: On Foot

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Wow! Amazing video. Fantastic sighting.

Pete, You guys hit the jackpot! Just like we are always told when on safari at Londolozi, you never know what will be around the next turn! Where do the otters live? Well done!

Hi Michael and Terri!

Cape Clawless Otters (the ones found at Londolozi) are typically associated with waterbodies including rivers, marshes etc. They have even been seen along the coastline in the waves in South Africa. At Londolozi they are very much confined to the Sand River and its associated thickets. Unless one day we are all surprised by one appearing elsewhere, which wouldn’t surprise me!

Tracking a lioness, 2 wild dogs & impala, a hippo, 2 crocodiles. and 2 otters–all within minutes. What do you do for an encore?

Show James Tyrrell the footage of the sighting he missed while he was with the Wild Dogs… (He didn’t believe us on the radio)

HI where I live in Europe otters are rare animals but recovering. I just love them! They are very smart and joyful. Thanks for the rare images!

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW! I had no idea there were otters in Londolozi! What a great surprise… we live in California on the Monterey Bay Coastline and we ♥️ Our otters! They are so fun to watch and so playful. It looks like your otters are just as fun! Great sighting!!

Incredible! I cannot believe all of the unique things being seen recently – it’s just mind boggling!! Well done!

Senior Digital Ranger

I’ve been lucky enough to see them once in the Kruger, this was a really nice sighting though

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh my goodness me how wonderful & they were so oblivious to you guys being there! Thank you for this special video

Senior Digital Ranger

I don’t know who was having more fun? You boys or the otters? ..Just delightful!

Another day…..another moment of Londolozi magic!

Otters are so fun to watch, cool stuff!

Amazing!! And you were able to film it!

Rescuing a honey badger and watching otters all within a week – how amazing! What’s next, partying with pangolins?

It has been a ridiculous few weeks. We did actually see a pangolin while taking photos of the stars a few weeks ago (believe it or not). The other incredibly rare sighting was the serval we saw last week. It was captured on film and is now in The Week in Video #18 (around the 11:20 mark).

Thanks Pete, yes I saw that on Sunday, it was a fantastic sighting. I did manage to see a serval at Londo a few years ago, but by the time I got my camera ready it had vanished into the long grass. It was wonderful though even to have that brief glimpse.

Wow, Thank you so much Pete Thorpe The otter sighting must have been amazing!!!!!!!!!

Hi Pete. HUGE excitement, not so! What a wonderful, wonderful sighting! The excitement clearly mirrored on your faces! Quite understandably. When are you going to produce some more photos of the otters?? Wendy M

Hi Wendy,

I suspect it will be a long time before we see otters again with our own eyes. However, it may be an interesting trail camera project to try and capture them moving about unnoticed…

So very cool, and I especially appreciate the boyish fun the guys were having with the sighting and film capture!!

otters are one of the most adorable species. we are familiar with sea otters and they are hard to find. But to find these two not only out in public but nipping at crocodile tails is amazing!! Victoria

Brilliant! What amazing sightings you’ve had, and now playful otters. They’re so much fun to watch- we have them in Monterey bay, California. I could see you all were giddy with delight!

Wow, every day at Londolozi seems to bring new and unexpected behavior of animals nobody has ever witnessed before. Otters chasing crocodiles back into the water! And male leopards carrying baby leopards! And a honey badger trapped in the roots of a tree. What an exciting time you are having!


Senior Digital Ranger

brilliant video.thank you

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