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Maxim's 5:3 Male

Maxim's 5:3 Male

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #549

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Fantastic images of the cheetah cubs–wonderul discovery!
Once again, a buffalo finds the camera!
Winter sunsets are fabulous.

Thank you so much, Vin. Once again a buffalo does find the camera.

Lovely thank you! Those little cheetahs are too cute……………

Thank you so much, Irene. The little cheetahs are indeed so cute.

So wonderful, beautiful images. We will be there in a couple of days and look forward to hopefully seeing the little cheetah family!

Thank you so much, Meenah. I hope that you are able to find the little cheetah family too.

Sean, your image of the cheetah with 2 of her cubs has to take this week’s favourite. (Hoping we’ll see more in Sunday’s virtual safari?) I don’t know anything about the Talamati pride, so have loads of questions, but maybe there will be a blog about them soonish. Also, did Three Rivers find her cub?

Thank you so much, Suzanne. We will hopefully put a story out on the little cheetah family soon. This week will be about the Talamati Pride. Hopefully, we will reveal the answers to all your questions in the video. Yes I believe that she did find her cub.

This week’s photos are fabulous Sean, so hard to choose a favourite. But if I have to, I love the moon shot and the mom and cheetah cubs. Well done everyone!

Thank you so much, Barbara.

Great photos. I must say the Maxim Male is one handsome cat

Thank you so much, Andrew and Daniel. I agree that the Maxim’s Male is a good looking male leopard.

They are all special! The two little cheetah cubs are fabulous what a joy to see them! I love their mum look and the way one of them yawns. It seems a laugh indeed! All gorgeous pictures, full moon is a very favourite vision to me, the buffalo bull is really impressive and so the elephant , lions and of course leopards.

Thank you so much, Francesca.

Master Tracker

A mother cheetah and four cubs , hah ….

Superb photos Sean

And soon the caracal or serval?

Thank you so much, Ian. I really hope to see a caracal or serval soon.

A wonderful array of photos this week. Stoff’s little cheetah cubs win for me.
Close seconds are the buffalo, Senegal male, sunrise and full moon…🙏🏻

Thank you so much, Marcia. The little cheetah cubs are far too cute.

A wonderful range of images this week! I am particularly struck by the full-face photo of the Maxim’s male. Having seen glimpses of his side, his rear, his flicking tail as he ducked into a thicket or his face at night up a tree, I was impressed with his size, his distinctive regal look. Thanks!

Thank you so much, Mary Beth. The Maxim’s Male is a great shot as he is such a handsome leopard.

Amazing images, and impossible to pick a favorite Sean! But since you asked, I have to choose the Cheetah and her cubs, quickly followed by the full moon and the amazing shots of the water buffalo and kudu bulls – stunning images all!

Thank you so much, Paul.

The mother Cheetah looks so regal with her cubs behind and since I have never seen cheetah cubs on any of my trips this is my favorite picture today.

Thank you so much, Christine.

So difficult to choose here. I see my beloved Three Rivers female and am hoping so much that her young male offspring has not got himself into trouble! I see the beautiful elephant photo, the huge Maxim’s male looking regal, the colorful sunrise photo, the lions playing, the kudu etc. but I have to say the cheetah pics captured my heart today! That beautiful Mama! The two cubs giving us a smile! Okay maybe a yawn or maybe a snarl! But that is the one I pick as the ‘best of the best’!

Thank you so much, Darlene. I am so glad that you loved all of the pictures.

Senior Digital Ranger

Every week you bring us some of the best sightings and this week is no exception! If it was not for the cutest baby cheetah’s I would have a hard time picking! I love the mud caked buffalo and your pic of the naked tree in the full moon light, the colors are stunning!

Lovely, the photos of the cheetah cubs. The cheetah seem to be doing very well in the south of Londolozi.
The lions of this new pride look a bit hungry.
I love all of this week’s photos.

Thank you so much, Christa. Cheetahs definitely seem to be doing very well in the southwestern grasslands.

Love the newly discovered cheetah cubs, especially the one yawning. Great picture !

Thank you so much, William. The little cheetah cubs are so special.

There are so many prize worthy photos this week but my vote goes to Stoff Kane Berman for his “way too cute” cheetah cubs. The face, mouth open, is the best!! The Talmati pride – is this a new group or one where the name has been changed? I don’t remember them….

Thank you so much, Denise. That shot of the two little cheetah cubs is far too cute.

You guys and girls do make it so difficult for us to choose a favourite. The photos are all beautiful, but since we’re asked to choose ‘a’ favourite, my vote goes to the two cheetah cubs.

Thank you so much, Darryl. There are some amazing photographs being captured here at the moment which does make choosing a favourite rather challenging.

Hi Sean the Cheetah cubs are absolutely gorgeous and so cute. Impressive kudu bull. I hope the three Rivers female found her male cub. Stunning foto’s this week thank you Sean.

Thank you so much, Valmai.

The two cheetah Cubs did it for me this week. Their longer fur up top reminds me of 80’s rockstars. 😂

The textures and detail in the cape buffalo image are magnificent

Digital Tracker

Awesome pics this week! The standouts for me is the absolutely beautiful pic of the cheetah and her cubs, the stunning moon rise and the close up of the beautiful elephant! They are fantastic! Did the Three Rivers female find her cub?

Thank you so much, Carly. Those are some great pics this week. Yes I believe the Three Rivers Female did find her cub.

Those cheetah cubbies are super cute cheetah fluff nuggets! My favorite cats! And the video of the Talamatis playing in the Sand River is absolutely delightful and so so special to witness! But send them back to the north please…..

Thank you so much, Lisa. Cheetah cubs are so cute. It looks like the Talamati Pride might be sticking around here for a little longer.

Great to see the interaction between the leopards as well as the playfulness of the cub. Your other winter photos were lovely.

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