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Jordan-Lee grew up in Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Studies, Art and History at Stellenbosch University. She then went on to do her postgraduate studies in Marketing and Advertising Communications at Red and Yellow in ...

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on The Best Part Of Being A Londolozi Camp Manager

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The consistent part of eah morning on our many trips has been the anticipation of the unexpected. What will today bring?

Thank you Jordan for this description of your wonderful day! How exciting and rewarding it must be to have your job at Londolozi, for so many reasons!

Congratulations on a blog post that is completely full of your feelings. Are you still smiling?

The Universe works in mysterious ways. I am glad you were able to join the group for this special sighting. A Cheetah is definitely on my list for our return trip someday.

What a truly wonderful sighting it was – and I can attest to the excitement all around! We were happy to see you there!

Master Tracker

Oh wonderful. Certainly there seems to be more sightings , it’s as if the grasslands are becoming home to more plains species such as Ostrich and Cheetahs

You have a spontaneous personality as well and it compliments your work working at the camp. I’m sure you enjoy your position at Londolozi meeting new guests and taking everything to a new level.

Jordan, the enthusiasm you have for your job is evident in your writing. I can feel the excitement you felt when your guest thoughtfully invited you to join them in the quest to get to the sighting of this cheetah before he disappeared. It was certainly worth the breakfast interruption – cheetah vs eggs benedict? No contest!! So, now you’ve seen your first cheetah and next, maybe, the new cubs.

Thanks for your description of being a camp manager. I envy you! Being able to work in the bush and having moments or surprises like this one seems to be an absolute dream to me.

So wonderful to see a cheetah that posed for you! He was a magnificent animals! Regal, slender and powerful at the same time. In that moment the one and only king. Fantastic!

Senior Digital Ranger

Cool! Wish I had been there too. Congratulations!

I was at Londolozi about 6 weeks ago, best experience ever!!

Precisely why those of us addicted to going on safari just love to get up super early in the African bush mornings!! Warm cozy bed vs. ??? It is the ??? on our minds as we spiritedly go out into the cold frosty air bundled to our eyebrows!

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