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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Capturing & Enjoying The Moment

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Dan, you are right about simply relaxing and enjoying a moment. It is a wonderful and fulfilling experience in itself.

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One of my best experiences in Africa not just a Londolozi moment was just sitting on a boulder by the causeway and just watching a family of elephants, no camera – just the moment , well more an hour just sat watching them move about two hundred yards

You are so right Dan in your assessment of capturing a few photos to tell the story of what you’re seeing and then stop – let the action, or inaction, envelope your senses. Sometimes it’s good to leave the camera in your room and take memory photos that are always with you.

It works both ways, which is quite good too. I so enjoy seeing all your photo’s en videos and then remembering similar situations and sights. And of course with the Sunday vlog I always get drawn into what is unfolding before us.
Lovely, you are all heroes!

Thank you Dan. I hope the lion cub survives and
Will carry on the Birmingham genes. Such string beautiful males that fought enemies off until the end, she will not surely give up.easily if she manages to survive

Dan it is fascinating just to sit and watch the animals going about their daily routines. Forsure one must take foto’s of the animals while on safari to ensure your memories are captured and printed. Working in the studio under guidance can make a huge difference to your foto’s.

Beautiful photos! I think you are so right about photography. It is so much fun, but we also need to put the camera down once in a while and enjoy what is happening right in front of us. That is hard to do though! 😂

The experiences are wonderful and the photographs capture allow you to remember and experience the moments again back at home!

Amen! I know the first time I visited Londolozi I almost overwhelmed my little camera with all the pics and videos. The second time I was more judicious. And for our August trip I plan to observe and enjoy, then maybe snap a photo or two.

With almost everyone having a camera built into their phone, everyone’s a photographer. It is sooooo important to sometimes just put the camera down, and use your eyes, ears and nose to drink in the scene and the scenery. Some of my most memorable moments are stored in my mind, not on my hard drive.

You are so right, Dan. It is important to sometimes just sit and watch and enjoy what is happening out in the bush. And it is great, like being there for a second time, when one comes home and can look at all those photos again and recall and remember all those special moments.

Dan, what you’ve wriiten is so true. On our very first, visit we observed a cheetah steathily stalking a herd of impalas for nearly an hour. She singled out one and turned it –directly at our vehicle. As it approached us, less than 10 metres away, she knocked it down and summoned her 2 cubs who were hidden away. I got several early and late shots. However, at the moment of the takedown, I dropped my camera to watch the vigneete happen. I can stiil hear the sounds of the impala and the pounding of paws on the ground. That recalled experience is greater than any photo.

I totally agree with you Dan, it’s all about balance isn’t it – capturing enough moments to enhance my memories, but sometimes just watching and enjoying. During my trip in 2012, we were following the Mashaba female and Marthly male, who were mating frequently. Right at the start my camera battery died (I always carry a charged spare now! ) I cursed but it was actually a blessing as it meant I just watched rather than worrying about camera settings. About 3 months later Nkoveni was born, so I may have watched her being conceived!


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