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Being surrounded by wilderness from a young age, you experience it in all of its essence. Matt was privileged enough to grow up in the Lowveld and its surroundings, sparking a great love for nature and all it has to offer, be it ...

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on iPhone Photography Introduced

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I agree Matt. Phone cameras have got a place for memories or a quick pic here and there, but you need a decent camera for safari, or else that little buck just don’t look the same.

I agree with you Marinda!

Enjoyed the blog Matt. Loved the pics as well and you nailed phone photography years ago before you ever had a camera. You are a natural and in tight corners you can be a game changer. #proud #photography #londolozi

Thank you for explaining the exposure feature. I have always it was a focus adjuster. Now I know why it didn’t work….and the shot of the tortoise with his head extended! You must have waited an eternity for that to happen. I agree that portrait mode is the best particularly when doing close-ups of flowers.

Hi Peggy,

It doubles up as your focal point too, hence the icon to the right that allows you to fine tune the exposer to your liking, by simply sliding it up and down.

Being able to easily shoot video on the iPhone really enhanced our cache of photographic memories, as it were. While our best photos are clearly those taken with the DSLR, the images we most often share with friends are the iPhone videos — people get to really experience what it was like for us when a group of elephants walked across the Sand River right past our Landie, a leopard strolled by or a male lion yawned, rose up from his napping place, and moved back to his “kill.”

Most defiantly, keep an eye out for my future blogs, will shed some light on video settings.

Matt, it is amazing to us how many folks show up at Londolozi with just an iPhone for pictures. What a waste of an opportunity. And your comments on zoom are right on. Other than the requisite “selfies” that seem to dominate the iPhone’s use, landscapes, panos and very closeup photos seem to be its specialty. The square image I believe was added expressly for Instagram postings. You should use your iPhone for a series on the “Little Five” where it would probably do a bang up job (like the Leopard Tortoise you already caught)!!!

Hi Bob,

Thats a great idea, perhaps we will see the little 5 feature soon! Thank you!

As an aside Matt, we have also seen folks show up with $20K worth of top of the line Nikon equipment and have never changed the camera settings from 3×5 print size JPGs and full Auto Mode. He had taken over a thousand shots at that resolution! One fellow didn’t even realize that he could turn the camera vertical for a portrait shot of an elephant until he noticed Lucie doing that. Not sure how to remedy that situation!

Hmmmm….some ideas to try with my iPhone…. but I’m bringing my 300mm lens on my next visit to Londolozi.

What a beauty of a lens!

Matt, wonderful blog taking photos with Iphone

Thank you Joan!

I think this blog topic is long over due! Your explanations are spot on. And whereas I wouldn’t ever choose to use a iPhone on safari, there are some people who don’t have the same level of interest as the rest of us….or perhaps just don’t know better. You helped fix that problem!

Im glad you enjoyed it! Keep an eye out for more iPhone blogs to follow.

Great article Matt. I use my iPhone quite a bit however when on safari the quality doesn’t compare when zooming in, although your photos are pretty good on the iPhone!

Thanks Vanessa, iPhone photos can be great, as long as you keep it simple.

I have a Huawei, not a iPhone, would that make the quality of the images taken on the camera different?

Hi Callum,

Yes the quality might differ, as other brands might have higher mega pixel cameras, making the images sharper but also allowing for better quality when zooming, but even with that being said, it still only is digital zoom, and will still mor give great results.

Using the iPhone on safari should follow the KISS rule. I used mine last November for a few people shots, a few videos of animals demonstrating action… but I learned a couple more tips from you in this blog that I will practice with during my more suburban life here in California. I like to use my 70-200,2.8, sometimes with the Nikon 1.7 teleconverter. But for good , in depth animal shots I loved renting the Nikon 80-400 there. Hope to use it again in March. Thanks for sharing this iPhone info and look forward to video tips.

Looking forward to having you back here in March!

The 80-400mm is by far the preferred lens by most for wildlife!

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