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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #117

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Great virtual safari today. Thanks Sean. Glad to see the wild dogs doing well.

Thank you so much, William. It is always great to see wild dogs.

Hello Sean, What a fantastic Virtual Safari this week! I really enjoyed looking at the two leopards. Good mother there! And it was fantastic to see the pack of wild dogs in action! I hope I will be able to see them in real life sometimes! Thank you for a very good Virtual Safari!

Thank you so much, Ann. I really hope you do get to see the wild dogs in real life soon too.

The Ximungwe duo is always a treat! And seeing the young chap growing so marvellously he is an excellent carrier of great genes.
A pack of thirty wild dogs, they should be on the verge to split in a while… they usually don’t get united for too long when they are in such an impressive number. I am sorry for all the animals that are on their menu…

Thank you so much, Francesca. The Ximungwe Young Male is growing to be an impressive leopard. We do not see this pack of wild dogs too often but I believe that they have been together for a while so maybe only a small portion of them will break away.

Hi Sean, that was an amazing sighting of all, the wild dogs feeding. It is not a sighting that you see everyday. Loved the video of the Ximungwe female and my favorite cub walking together and drinking together. She is so dedicated to her male cub and he is going to be a stunning male leopard.

Thank you so much, Valmai. It was great to spend time with the two leopards.

Thank you Sean for today’s safari. There were so many wild dogs at your sighting that I’m curious if two packs have joined forces, or is it a large pack that successfully raised all their pups? They look very healthy and at the kill site, their many white teeth were very apparent. For some reason I really noticed their teeth today.
The Ximungwe male is as large as his mother and she must be exhausted at times for having to hunt enough in order to feed them both. Hopefully he’ll contribute to his diet soon.

Thank you so much, Denise. No I believe that it was one whole pack that have been together for quite some time. Yes, their teeth were very apparent. I focused in on them a bit and also a few of the dogs were pretty young and their teeth not yet yellowed.

Sean, Thanks for another fabulous video story! So great to see the young male getting so big! How long until he will be left on his own by his mother? The wild dog sighting was interesting as they all seemed pretty relaxed and there was not a lot of fighting for the kill…

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. It is hard to say when the Young Male will go on his own. The Ximungwe Female has been mating with the Senegal Bush Male and so maybe the Young Male will be pushed into independence soon.

Fantastic virtual safari! Great to see the wild dogs again on Londolozi. And the wonderful relationship between mum and “cub”, or rather subadult leopard.

Thank you so much, Christa.

Wild dogs were acting rather civilly towrd each other! I’m used to seeing a more frenetic feeding event.

I think it might be because the majority of the dogs were already pretty well fed and there was still a lot of meat here to eat so there was no need for the frantic competition.

These two leopards are truly gorgeous….hope that young Ximungwe gets his Big Boy name very soon!

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