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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Life from a vulture’s perspective

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Nice piece Kyle!

Thanks so much, Nick.

So, I can almost hear the symphony that someone must compose to accompany this lyrical exposition. Mighty powerful, Kyle. Thank you.

Thanks so much, Willa. It really was a lot of fun to write and think through a day in the life of a vulture!

Kyle, what a great story you have written for the vultures. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful pictures to accompany the story, well done.

I’m glad you enjoyed, William!

I love this post Kyle! Like other Londolozi posts about oft unappreciated scavengers, vultures catch a bad rap – calling someone a “vulture” or a group of people “vultures” is no compliment. But these birds play a critical role and are majestic in their own way. Thanks again!

Exactly! Incredibly complex animals that often don’t get the attention they deserve. Thanks Paul.

Kyle, a really poetic article on vultures and their abilities and lives. Great!

Thanks for having a read, Christa.

What a powerful and insightful story you have told us. It almost made me feel as though I was living the life of this vulture, from her dew covered wings shedding their moisture to soaring over the bush, looking for the signs of a kill. Whilst I feel sad for the leopard who lost its kill, there is the scavenger few that also need to survtin order to maintain the balance that nature requires in order to remain healthy. Thank you for this creative glimpse into the vulture’s world!

Thanks so much for reading, Denise. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Senior Digital Ranger

Really fascinating discussion. Very well-written. I didn’t know the the reason for vultures not having many feathers on their heads was because it makes cleaning easier. Thanks!

Hi Paul, thanks so much for the comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, it was a lot of fun to write.

The vultures is a dead give away to the predators watching the vultures flight, they know there’s a carcus somewhere and follow the vultures. Shame I always feel sorry for the leopards and Cheetah who always have to render their hard earned kill to the hyenas. But that’s what happens in the wild.

It is indeed just the natural flow of things. Often as not, the leopard and cheetah may also get to finish their meal in peace. Thanks Valmai.

Beautiful writing, Kyle!

Thank you very much, Cindy!

I’ve witnessed this scene many times, unaware, however, of the moving parts within it.

It’s always fun to try and envisage the bigger picture. Thanks, Vin.

Great blog, Kyle. There’s a place near where I live in the UK called the Hawk Conservancy, and every day they do flying displays – various owls and eagles and also vultures. All the birds swoop down over the audience, almost touching your head. They do a lot of conservation work in Africa with vultures; I hadn’t realised how endangered some of them are.

They are such an integral part of these systems, Suzanne. It’s great that places like you visit are there to spread awareness.

Wow Kyle, your writing style and the way you paint a picture for the reader is top notch … it’s like reading a travel magazine. You should consider writing travel and/or wildlife blogs. You have a keen eye for detail and a writer’s colorful vocabulary for describing what you see in a way that brings the reader right into the vehicle with you! Kudos to you!

Bob and Lucie, thank you so much for those words. They mean a lot. I really had a lot of fun writing this blog and am glad you enjoyed the read! Hope you two are both well, looking forward to having you back here soon.

Interesting blog, Kyle. I like your having told it from the perspective of a vulture – very effective. Thanks!

Thanks so much, Mary Beth.

A great piece of writing. Kept me totally absorbed and imagining every moment of the vultures day. Fabulous.

Beautifully and artistically written. You are a very good writer, Kyle. Congratulations!. I can’t wait for the book version of your time in the bushveld.

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