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Kelsey has many fond memories of family bush and camping trips across South Africa when she was growing up and for her, this sparked a growing love for the wilderness and opportunities to seek new adventures. Although she studied BComm Financial Management and ...

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on Herons, Storks and Cranes – Aren’t They All the Same?

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Thanks for this post! Informative with some lovely photos. 👍

My pleasure Marcia!

White storks and grey herons are here in Europe now… there is such a variety of birds in Londolozi! The Goliath heron, the blue crane and tbe Night herons are impressive. The grey crowned crane is so beautiful! They are all elegant species, examples of convergent evolution. I guess there’s a great demand by bird watchers!

I agree Francesca, all very elegant birds! And amazing you can see the migrating storks and herons in Europe now too 🙂

What a lovely simple way to explain the differences, with wonderful photographs to supplement and illustrate your explanations. Thank you

Thank you George, I’m glad you enjoyed the blog.

Kelsey, thanks for this super informative piece on these gorgeous birds. We love birding and enjoy trying to capture them in flight on our game drives. We live in Florida and see blue herons here on a regular basis.

My pleasure Michael and Terri – I’m happy to hear how much you enjoy birding. Look out for the Sandhill Cranes in Florida – I have seen those there before too 🙂

Kelsey thanks for the information on the different birds. They are all beautiful and have such long legs and long bills.

Pleasure Valmai, they are a beautiful family of birds!

Thanks , Kelsey for this very interesting blog on storks, herons and cranes.
Beautiful photos as well.
So far, I have never seen a white-backed night heron. Maybe, one day I will.

Pleasure Christa – I hope you get to tick off the white-backed night heron soon! 🙂

Where I live in Northern California we see the grey and blue herons in addition to the sand hill cranes. I found your article extremely helpful and hopefully will be able to identify more of the birds on my next trip. Than you!!

That is great to hear Denise! I’m sure you will enjoy spotting the herons and storks here at Londolozi on your next trip 🙂

Master Tracker

Super article, I never realised the huge area the grey heron is found over. I had one in my garden last week in sunny Berkshire, England

Hi Kelsey,
I’m just catching up on the blogs. Can you do a piece on Egrets, please? What distinguishes them from Herons? Are they a family of the Heron family?

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