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Garrett has always had an incredible love for the wilderness and found his way to Londolozi straight after University. After spending time as a Londolozi Camp Manager, the incredible stories of daily sightings from his ranger counterparts and guests alike pushed him to ...

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on Sustainable Development in Tourism: A Nature-based Solution

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Thank you Garrett, sustainability is the future if we are all to survive.

Patrick the whole system at Londolozi is outstanding and well developed to preserve the animals and the ground for future generations. Everyone living at Londolozi takes great care of the environment, because they love the animals and keep the ecosystem on track. All involved is very proud of their efforts, which shows now .

Super informative post Garrett, and huge BRAVOS to Londolozi for all the the amazing work you have done, continue to do, and will no doubt do in the future. There will be few solutions that governments agree upon to achieve many of the goals stated in your blog, so efforts on all of our parts will be our only salavation!!

Thank you Garrett for your well written essay on the subject of sustainable development in tourism. Londolozi has been a leading model for this type of development, recognizing early on what was required to insure a safe environment for its animal inhabitants as well as create a beautiful place for tourists to experience the best of nature in an ecological sensitive space. I applaud all of the properties that are committed to following an ecological development plan. Working together we each can make a difference.

I absolutely admire the way you are handling eco-tourism in Londolozi and also in lots of other places in Southern and Eastern Africa. It is such a high quality way of doing things, good for nature and good for the people who work in tourism. And wonderful for your guests. Love it!

Beautigully presented and fully in depth. I love how Londolozi’s family and staff embrace the ideas and promote them. I only wish Wendell Berry’s quote would have used the term responsibility, instead of hope. Hope, to me, is an economic term for inaction, while responsibility indicates source or cause in how things turn out. Look up, “Without Integrity, Nothing Works” by Harvard Professor, Michael C. Jensen. It’s an inspiring account of integrity/responsibility. Keep up your great work.

Well said Patrick !! Hope is no longer an option..it is everyone’s responsibility to change the way they approach the planet’s future..no matter how small, it all helps.

Thank you Garrett, Londolozi has always been well ahead of making a conscious effort to work with nature and make an impact to create a sustainable future for not only their wild life but everyone surrounding their piece of the world. We should all take a leaf from their book and use it to the full..no matter where we live.

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