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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #534

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Any idea what happened to the northern avoca male after the Giraffe kill? Seems he never went back north.

He appeared to have been injured and has spent a fair amount of time in the Sand River near the Londolozi Camps.

Haven’t heard much about the Avoca males recently.

Hi Vin, They have been fairly scarce. We have had a few sightings of them but they have been spending a lot of time further north.

It’s so hard to choose a favourite when they’re all so good….I always like to see a good yawn, so the Tamba male ticks that box. I saw him back in Oct ’18, didn’t realise he was still around. But you can’t beat leopards play-fighting, so the 2 of the Nkoveni sisters come top, well done Tristan! When I saw them last month, I think Alfie said they have the same spot pattern but 1 has a darker coat, possibly different fathers?

Thank you so much, Suzanne. The young leopards are always entertaining to spend time with. That shot of Tristan’s with them playing is a stunner. We will have to try and get a couple of profile pictures of them so we can be able to identify which is which.

Sean, Of course we love all the fantastic images, but our favorites from this weeks set are the Ndzhenga Male and the two different takes on the Nkoveni Young Female stretching!

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. It has been a great photographic week so a lot to choose from.

Somehow, there is something not going as it should? I now can see about half of the pics, but not the bottom bit……
But the start is great! Love the pic of the two young leopardesses playing!

Hi Irene, I am sorry to hear that. It appears to be working perfectly this side. I know the one image of the Nkoveni Young Female stretching at the top of the tree is a very large file so maybe it just needs some time to load.

What a great collection of images! But if I really have to pick just one it’s the one from the Nkoveni Young Female fixated on a Cape Turtle Dove flying past. I love the expression on her face.
That said I always like the black and white images of leopards in trees that are regularly posted on the blog. They sometimes have an almost high key vibe which I like.

Thank you so much, Betty-Lou. I also love High-key images, but that shot of the Young Female looking up is great.

FABULOUS TWIP!!! Loved all the photos, but if I had to pick one, it would be the two Nkoveni female cubs in the tree, one pouncing on the other. There were many close runners up, but that one was amazing. Those 2 cubs are beautiful, impressive young leopards. Loved the black and white shots in the dead tree too! Thanks for a great week in pictures!

Thank you so much, Darlene. That is such a great shot of the two playing.

Sean, my favorite picture is the Northern Avoca male as he says MINE over the giraffe carcass. The shots of the NKoveni young females were just super and captured the moment as it happened.

Thank you so much, William. That is a great choice. He has an intensity in his eyes claiming the carcass to be his.

These are all superb photographs, but my personal favorite is One playful Nkoveni young female sneaks up on her sister, this image captures her mid-pounce

Thank you do much, Karen. It is such a playful scene that Tristan captured. Highlighting just how entertaining these young leopards are.

Okay, I choose all the photos this
week as my favorites. The Nkoveni cubs are mesmerizing and I understand why all of you are enjoying your sightings of them. The images of one in the tangled limbs of the dead tree is stunning in b/w. Thank you all for sharing your images!

Thank you so much, Denise. The Nkoveni Young Females are such great value to spend time with. We have been thoroughly enjoying our sightings of them.

All the photos are just great, Sean.
The young female leopards are my favorites, though and the Dwarf Bittern.
I wonder, if I came as a guest, would it also be possible for me to spend for example three consecutive game drives watching the same leopards? Or is this possibility just one for you as the main photographer and film maker?

Thank you so much, Christa. It could be possible to spend three drives with the same leopards if everyone on the vehicle was interested in doing that. Another idea would be if you booked a private Land Rover, it would just be you on the vehicle and you would be able to spend as long as you like with the same leopards. I am fortunate enough that with it just being us on the vehicle we can go where ever the action is happening.

Really enjoyed the pix of the Nkoveni Young fen=male in the dead leadwood. I have a similar one from many years ago of her mother. Also nice to see the Tamba male. Saw him once in 2018.

Thanks so much, Al. Yes, it was such a stunning scene with her at the top there. We don’t see the Tamba Male often so great that he was seen by Kyle.

Hi Sean, the leopard cubs are beautiful and they are so playful. Loved the foto of the Nkoveni female where you can see her eyes so clearly, that is my favorite foto. Also the foto’s of the male lions are stunning. Haven’t seen the Avoca male lately, good to see him now. Such stunning foto’s Sean, hard to pick, but I think the Nkoveni foto is my favorite.

Love the cub stretching in the tree Sean! Also the young female- beautiful eyes and the leopard ascending the tree!
Five weeks and counting til my next trip!

Thank you so much, Kay. There were a few great images to choose from this week. Counting down the days I am sure, can’t believe how quickly time is going.

Finally after three days I managed to see all pictures! They are amazing. There is a list of most wonderful creatures of the bush. I am in awe in front of them. Of course it is almost impossible to choose. The two young leopardess make my heart burst with joy. How successful their mum has been! It’s almost impossible and she succeeded. A heavenly sight!

I am so glad that everything is back up and working perfectly for you. I apologise for the issues. That is such a great choice, the two cubs had the most enjoyable time playing.

Great selection of photos Londolozi team! Other than this sighting of the Dark-Maned Avoca Male, what has he been doing on the property? Any interactions with either of his brothers that you are aware of?

Hi Michael, thanks so much. He was seen with a few Ntsevu Sub-adults off that giraffe carcass. we will put a story out on this sighting this coming Sunday. Apart from this giraffe carcass sighting, I am not sure he had any other interaction with any lions. He did have a bit of a wound on his forehead looks like from a claw of a lion but not sure who it could have been. Just so strange to see this male so far south.

very happy to see Dark Mane Avoca. he is very much loved by so many. looking forward to your story on him. also, the virtual safari today of Nkoveni’s 2 girls was awesome. loved every minute of it . thank you

Thank you so much, Kimberly. It was very interesting to see the Dark Maned Avoca this far south. We will put a story out on him this weekend. The Nkoveni Young Females are the best to spend time with.

For me your first photo of the week, of the Ndhzenga male, wins. However the Nkoveni female cubs fighting are so very close behind. Always hard to pick a winner, as they are all fabulous reminders of yet another great week of viewing and photographic opportunities at Londolozi ! Thank you, as always, Sean Andy the team 🙏🏻💗💗

Thank you for choosing a favourite as hard as it can be sometimes.

So hard to pick again this week Sean. If I had to, I really loved ‘the pounce’. Ok, and the rhino calf. Wonderful photos, thank you. Can you explain the ratios to me ie. 2:2 or 3:3.

Hi Barbara, the pounce is such a great shot. So the 2:2 and 3:3 is the spot pattern just above the whisker line on each cheek. It is how we are able to differentiate between the various leopards that we see here.

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