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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on How Photo Editing Can Enhance Your Photography

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Hi Dean! Leopards are a work of art in themselves, put them with Photoediting skills… a masterwork!

I have benefitted from the introduction to Lightroom in the photo studio. Most recent photos are greatly improved.

The right position, luck and the right light are certainly very important to get beautiful pictures.
I think it’s great how you guys can maneuver the cars into good positions for taking photos; one of the most important prerequisites of a good shot.
And for the final touch, of course, some nice editing.

PS: I absolutely like your photo of this leopard

Dean, Thanks for the great editing post. We agree that Lightroom was a bit daunting when we were first introduced to it at Londolozi in the early days of the photographic studio by Amanda Ritchie (we still use the “shortcut cheat sheet” she gave us!), however, she helped us to see the results and we were “off to the races” with Lightroom. Whether an image needs just a few tweaks or we want to make major edits, we have become huge fans of the software. It is also a fantastic application for organizing our libraries and catalogs, and sharing our favorite images – especially our wildlife shots from Londolozi!

You are absolutely right Dean, editing can be quick or never ending and it can have startling effects on the final image. After a few lessons on Lightroom we became addicted years ago and the enhancements they have made over the years to the product are phenomenal. It is also important to note that practically 100% of the amazing photographs in magazines and books have been significantly edited according to professional editors I have spoken to. But the best part is how much fun it is!

Thank you for the nod to using editing tools to enhance our photos taken on safari, or any other photo opportunity. Try as we might to correctly expose an image, inevitably there needs to be some tweaking. This was once done in a darkroom, but now we have LR/PS, etc. Once a purist using my camera, I finally subscribed to Adobe and began the journey to bring some life to pictures that were just a bit off. It’s really fun now!

As a side note, if you’ve left Londolozi, I wish you all the best in your new endeavor. Your stories and photos have brightened the Blog over the past three years and so thank you.

Hi Dean, thanks for your summary on editing photo’s, that can change and inhance a photo. I have always wondered how you Rangers get the perfect shot, lighting and framing of a photo. Which editing software do you use, if I may ask. Good to hear from you Dean, I was wondering why you were so quiet, now we know you were busy with editing software.

Have to say Dean that I’m really not a very good photographer and to be fair, I’m so engrossed in the moment of actually being present with a stunning cat or bird or whatever that I forget to push the button 😁. However, your photographs are certainly proof of what one can accomplish …absolutely stunning 👌🏻💗

This article was very informative.
Photoshop is my favourite! I have purchased a XPPen Deco MW tablet and use it with Photoshop.
I can Remove unwanted elements, improve skin tones, brighten eyes and soften features easily with a digital pen.

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