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Ashleigh grew up in a small mining town in the Northern Cape and then moved on to Stellenbosch for High School and University. She studied BA Social Dynamics (Politics, Philosophy and English) and after completing her degree went overseas to Taiwan to teach ...

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on A Reflection Of Our Festive Season ~ How Lucky Can I Be?

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Ashleigh, thank you for your reflection on Londolozi’s festive season. It is a joy to simply reflect on such a wonderful time.

William, it was a joy indeed!

Ashleigh, great phot of you and our all-time favorite–Thoko! Give her a hug for us!

Michelle and Vin, Thoko and myself send all our love to you.
See you both soon.

Hi Ashleigh your story is an inspiration for all of us. I’m sure everyone at Londolozi gives their utter best and the guests must feel comfortable and welcomed by all. So good to know that the environment you were work in is friendly, helpful and always having fun at the same time. I’m sure it is hard to spend Christmas away from home, but then again you say the Londolozi team are like family which helps tremendously.

Valmai, indeed Christmas’s away from home do not scream with joy but as I said, Londolozi is my home away from home and all who stay here are apart of my broader family. The festive season here was wonderful indeed!

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful time. If only everybody could enjoy the peace, love and friendship one can find at Londolozi.

My wish is that somewhere in everyone’s lifetime they get to experience the peace, love and friendship I have been blessed to witness first hand here at Londolozi.

This blog brings back so many wonderful memories of holidays spent at Londolozi. Londo is always special. Holidays are ‘extra special.’ Say hi to Thoko for me. I love watching her drum when the Ladies Choir sings in the boma.

Judith, it brings me great joy to know that you have experienced the special “holiday feeling” one would find here over that time of year. I have sent your regards to Thoko. She will beat the drum extra hard just for you at the next performance.

Ashleigh, I don’t know anywhere else that celebrates the holidays as well as Londolozi. My friends were with you at New Years and loved the evening. I was there last year during Easter, deliberately planned, and had so much fun. The food and beverages were amazing, especially my discovery of the brilliant jaffle. For my next trip, I’m requesting a jaffle maker to be added to my room so I can take it home. I loved seeing your holiday photos, and especially the one of Kirst and Lucky. Cheers to many more happy memories!

Denise, so lovely to hear that you too have in some way been party to the celebratory nature we have here at Londolozi. Thank you for all the well wishes.
Kirst and Lucky did indeed look tremendous in their outfits on Christmas.

Ashleigh, Thanks for a special story about the amazing connection that all of you have at Londolozi! It’s clear to us from our visits that there is a feeling of “family” amongst all the team! Can’t wait to get back to our Londolozi family!

Michael and Terri, what an honour it is to have you as apart of the extended Londolozi family! We hope to see you back with us in the near future!

A nice blog Ashleigh. I think the atmosphere at Londolozi lends itself to you all being like family members. It must be a really great place to work. Am so glad you all had a good time and celebration as one big family. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much, Leonie.

Today 25 February I got the link to your blog, but only the first picture, the introduction to the story appears. Is it my computer or have you changed something?
I hope that I can still get your nice blogs.

Hi Christa, there have been a few technical issues with the blog. We are working on it and will hopefully have it all back to normal very soon. I will make sure that you get your daily blogs.

Nice post. I really posting here for Sean. I am having trouble viewing the week in pictures, both from the email link and on the blog webpage. Thought I should let you know in case it’s some kind of glitch on your end.

Hi Marcia, thank you for your comment. We have been having some technical issues in the last few days with the blog. The team are tirelessly working on it to have everything back up and running perfectly very soon. Thank you so much.

Hi Marcia, you should be able to see my full blog as well as the TWIP now. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Lovely reflections Ashleigh! Thank you for sharing all these great experiences during the Christmas season at Londolozi.

Thank you, Paul.

Wonderful Ashleigh…may there be many more for you at Londolozi with your adopted family 🙏🏻💗

Cally, another one on the horizon in a couple of weeks!

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