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Patrick was born and raised in Johannesburg and from a young age dreamt about living in the bush. He grew up going on family holidays to Madikwe in the North West where his passion grew. After high school Patrick went to the Eastern ...

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on Lessons learnt in 2021

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Wonderful pictures, Patrick, especially the one of the lioness getting a bit impatient with her cub.
And great reflections on patience.
I must own that last year, i.e. 2021, I finally got really impatient with all that corona stuff and I just had to leave and travel to Londolozi, where I was able to replenish my “batteries” in the beautiful surroundings and accept the situation much better when returning home.
What will this year bring? No-one knows…

Great introspective post Patrick.
Although we have visited several times, our 2021 visit was very special. We think it was because we truly appreciated how wonderful nature is as we were totally away from the impact of the pandemic and the news about it (except for the pre-departure testing).

Great lessons well learned. Thanks for sharing Patrick. Super picture of the snarling lioness with the cub on her back.

All 3 of these are very on point and relate to the major changes I am making to my life. Another outstanding Londolozi blog.

Patrick 2021 was a year everyone for testing your patience beyond limits. Relationships is certainly the best thing ever, now that you are a Ranger you have you friend Tracker Dorence to complete your career. I’ sure you have learnt a lot from and Dorence from you. Beautiful pics, loved the Lion pic, is it the Othawa male lion. We have taken retro of our lives, but the carina was getting on our nervous, as we know it is a lot of nonsense. Great story Patrick, keep up the good work.

One of your best blogs Patrick! Patience is a skill we don’t seem to be born with and one which is hardest to acquire but the payoffs are generally wonderful … with nature, people and especially loved-ones.

Thanks for sharing your introspective journey through 2021. I think of all lessons learned through 2020-21, patience topped the list for most everyone. The inability to work, travel and socialize for almost a year reinforced our need for some safe type of connection – nature was the antidote . One could walk through the trees, rocky paths, seashore and take some time to reflect on what’s really important for a happy and satisfying life. I was able to take a break from the pandemic last spring and spend time in South Africa, ending my trip with a week at Londolozi. It was the perfect gift to myself, to travel to my happy place, no television or newspapers harking bad news. You are so fortunate to work in such a peaceful environment.

Great article and photos! Yes, we must all learn and understand that we cannot micromanage ever single thing in our lives, and sometimes just go along with the flow…..but coming out to Africa or anywhere outdoors is a terrific tonic to much of the stress in our world!

Wonderful lessons Patrick, and equally wonderful pictorial examples associated with each lesson. Thanks for the reminder about patience. For me, it’s a daily practice!

Great life lessons Patrick, thanks for sharing. Love the pics.

So very true Barry, I can recall in my training many moons ago, that what seemed my most challenging year still remains perhaps the best year of my life. Patience, that nature teaches us every day, is certainly the most difficult one to overcome when you are young and enthusiastic. It seems that there is a common thread of feelings and thoughts that emerge from all of you rangers who have had the pleasure of joining the Londolozi Family. That the unity and strength you gain from each other is ten fold. Certainly the Varty family should be exceptional proud of not only creating a space for their wild life to grow but for everyone who happens to pass through their lives. Bravo 🙏🏻💕

A lovely perspective Patrick, thank you. Love the last photo of lioness and cub.

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