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Patrick was born and raised in Johannesburg and from a young age dreamt about living in the bush. He grew up going on family holidays to Madikwe in the North West where his passion grew. After high school Patrick went to the Eastern ...

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on Forming a Brotherhood

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Hi, thank you for sharing info about Shangaan, I know that Zulu are hard people and my father made me read the infamous “Washing of the Spears”. I’ve always wanted to learn more! I am on the side of trackers worldwide as I personally know and have cooperated with bears, wolves and lynx trackers it’s always a thrill especially at night when the world is owned by predators!

What a great culture the Shangaan culture is! And many of the other cultures South Africa has, as well. It’s great that also guests are allowed to have a small insight into this culture thanks to the teaching of the Shangaan members of the Londolozi community.

Now that you and Dorence have completed your guiding and tracking training, you can now complement each other as working as a team. At the same time learn from each other and gain more experience in the bush, which will stand you in good stead later years. Dorence is a good example of how we should treat each other, and not look at color and culture. Well done both of you and may you become a formidable team together. Working at Londolozi is a paradise on earth, grab it both hands and enjoy the journey.

Thank you for sharing your story of bonding with Dorance. I’m sure the two of you will share many happy, enlightening drives, each learning from the other. I’ve found the Shangaan history and culture fascinating, thanks to a couple of amazing trackers there. Cheers to many more memorable experiences.

What a lovely read Patrick ! There is something rather special, to my mind, of spending time with people who have had such a connection to earth and mother nature. I have such fond memories of my childhood growing up in White River. Perhaps it was being so young but I felt the Shangaan families that I shared that time in my life with, were ‘old souls’ with a much deeper insight into being at one with their surroundings and with such happy dispositions.

What a heartwarming story and example for the way forward for all of us. I would love for Londolozi to have a lecture or experience of some kind, for its guests, on the history and ways of the Shangaan.

What a really nice blog Patrick. It is wonderful that you and Dorence have formed such a great friendship and that you are learning something about a totally different culture at the same time. An invaluable experience for you and, I am sure, for Dorence. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

The Londolozi family is so wonderful! They teach you and take of you and you feel part of the family the day you arrive! Thank you ! Victoria

Your life has truly been enriched by an incredible culture that you took the time to learn from. Thank you for sharing.

Amazing! This is what the Londolozi family is all about – so proud to be part of this.

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