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Jess was born in Kwazulu/Natal but grew up in Cape Town. Having an innate love for all things wild but getting to spend little time in the bush while growing up, she headed straight for the Lowveld after school. She completed a guiding ...

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on A Splash of Wild Dogs or Do Wild Dogs Swim?

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So special!!!

Fabulous story Jess, I also love the wild dogs. Just to see them play in the water makes my heart warm knowing that they are enjoying themselves, and at the same time cooling down and bonding. It is fascinating to see their marking and each one’s markings are different to each other’s. They look so happy and content in the water and getting a bath at the same time.

So much fun to watch, thanks for sharing.

Great actions shots! I could almost hear the splashing!

Just plain wonderful. One of our very favorites too. Water just seems to excite them so joyfully and such a treat to watch!!!

What a fabulous sighting! Lucky guests!

Wild dogs are also some of my favorite animals. Your photos of the dogs in the water are just great! You have really captured the joy and excitement these animals are feeling while chasing each other and splashing around in the water . Thanks Jess and Chris!!

You’re quite right Jess about the joy viewing wild dogs brings. I find them highly entertaining,especially in and around water, like watching labs at play in a lake or ocean. Whilst playing in water, their social hierarchy seems to disappear…. great action photos!

A lovely account Jess of the playful Wild Dogs ❤️. Even though it cost Chris the pink pouch I’m sure he didn’t get too much slack from the team as I’m sure you all spent more time afterwards reliving the spectacle and not teasing him 😁

That must have been great to watch! I know when my dogs get the “zoomies” I love watching them run and play together. 🥰

A really nice blog Jess. I am also a wild dog fan. I am so glad you have them coming to Londolozi and hope their numbers will steadily climb. They are fantastic hunters and I love the team work. Thanks for sharing with us – I love the pics also.

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