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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on What is it About Animals Drinking Water That We Find so Fascinating?

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I admit, my favorite sightings at Londolozi involved either drinking or eating. 🙂
The giraffe drinking wasn’t how I thought it would be at all! The elephant we saw drinking was fun, and we could hear the water when he poured it down his throat. And the lions all eating as a family was the coolest memory I’ve brought home. (I know it isn’t drinking water but it was still vulnerable and suspenseful)

Love this blog Dean. Is it because water is so nessesary for all creatures that we are fascinated by it. I always feel that we are drawn to a body of water, if it is a river, a big dam or a small puddle in the veld. Is that maybe when we want to observe the animals using this essential source to life. My favourite animals observing at water are elephants. They enjoy it with so much abundance.

I agree with your three listed reasons, Dean, and I think that seeing an animal drinking is seeing that animal clearly, out in the open. Simply being able to enjoy watching an animal without a bush or tree or tall grass in the way is a real pleasure.

My first reaction when seeing any wild animal drinking water is quiet relief that their basic need is being met. No arid patch or drought. I pity the leggy giraffe who must awkwardly fold up half-way like a broken card table which might topple. Line up a row of lions with their Cubs all drinking represents, to me at least, a hope for the future. But oh those elephants! They splash, squirt, guzzle and roll in anything half wet. They celebrate any kind of water and that attitude makes me smile. The image presented of the young Ellie’s face half submerged was endearing and demonstrates how these young ones….just go for it! So, this is my take on animals drinking water. Dean, this was a different and uncommon topic that made the reader think about their reaction to the simplest, but vital, need in the bush. Excuse me while I find a spot of water and stick my head in…..lol!

It really is a magical feeling watching animals at a waterhole: pure unadulterated magic.

I also think that a part of the fascination is the fact that we all must drink water to survive. The primary difference for us being that we are not as susceptible to being attacked as those in the bush!!! Drinking for them, even a lion, is always a risk.

Most of my friends agree that my image of a leopard drinking is their absolute favorite.

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