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Maxim's 5:3 Male

Maxim's 5:3 Male

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Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #92

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Thanks Sean, wonderful video again. How many of the Ntsevu subadults are female, and any idea where the adults have gone?

Thank you so much, Suzanne. There are twelve sub-adults, I think it is seven males and five females. They were seen with one adult female in this sighting. Then I believe that one female is mating with one of the Ndhzenga Males and the other four are in the Sand River on Malamala.

Hi Sean, the Nhlanguleni female is a beautiful leopardess, and so rightly so your first foto of a leopard on Londolozi. So glad to see at least one Birmingham male lion. Hope his brother is still alive. The Ntsevu sub adults are looking good and now that the Birmingham male lions is with them, makes it even better. I loved the Maxim’s leopard, he is such a majestic cat, huge in stature and just a pleasure to see.

Thank you so much, Valmai. The Nhlanguleni female is a stunning female. Thankfully the Birmingham Male is with the sub-adults not that they need him anymore.

Senior Digital Ranger

Outstanding close-up video of the sub-adults! Good job!

Thank you, Paul.

Senior Digital Ranger

Excellent post, fabulous footage! So nice to see the Birmingham male. I hope his brother is well :/

Thank you, Johanna. It was so great to see the Birmingham Male again.

Great videos of the two leopards. I remember seeing the Maxim’s Male on my very first evening in Londolozi after my arrival in April this year. He was also very relaxed then. His belly seems to be pretty full this time.
Awesome video of all the lions of the Nstevu pride. Good to know that at least one Birmingham male is still alive and doing fine. Obviously they have a great respect of elephants.

The Maxims Male seems to be very relaxed at night but is almost a different leopard during the day, it is so strange. It is great news that at least one Birmingham Male is alive. Hopefully, we see his brother soon.

And by the way, it’s really wonderful to hear all the sounds of Londoloziin the background of the video : the singing and chirping of birds and later, in the evening the frogs and other night sounds. Sounds like home!

The sounds make the whole video come to life.

Ellies and lions. What a wonderful way to start my morning in Hawai’i! Thank you.

So glad you enjoyed the virtual safari.

What a joy to see these iconic animals safe and sound, thriving. I’m glad at least one Birmingham male is fine, he looks gorgeous

It was so great to see the Birmingham Male looking so healthy.

Great to have the Birmingham Male back in his ‘home territory’…do hope his brother is still alive and will join him shortly 🙏🏻. The maxim’s leopard is certainly huge ! Lovely to have spent a bit more time than normal with him. Thanks Sean for the updates ❤️

It really is great that this Birmingham Male is back on Londolozi and we have been able to put another story out on him. Hopefully, his brother will return soon too.

It’s wonderful to see one of the Birmingham brothers with the Ntsevu sub-adults, but does beg the question, is his brother still alive? The missing brother seems to bounce between looking strong and healthy to weak and thin. Oh well, just another waiting game.
Classic to see the lions move from their resting positions as the elephants moved closer to them- smart move!
Congratulations on the footage of the Nhlanguleni female. She looks terrific as does the Maxim male. It’s lambing season so I imagine food is more easily accessible. Great ride today Sean!!

It was great to see the Birmingham Male back on Londolozi. It is indeed just a waiting game to see if the brother is still alive and what condition he is in. Lambing season makes hunting for the predators a lot easier and so we would expect all of the predators to be in good condition. Thank you so much, Denise.

Great to see one Birmingham male. Hope the other one is still around as well. But, in the case he is not, would it be possible for this one to team up with some of the subadults? It would be great for the young ones to be able to learn from him and it would be great for him because they can do the hard work…. ??

The big cats of Londolozi never fail to impress! Nhenha is looking very fit…..I wonder if he was away off property with Tinyo for months, as Tinyo might have been in decline, and then Nhenha decided to return to Londolozi when Tinyo passed away? Only my theory, and we will likely never know, but I like to think that they stayed together until one big boy was no more…. I do hope that the Ntsevu young males will stick together and become a fabulous new coalition someday!

Loved the lion segment. Birmingham male does look great!

Another nice cat drive Sean; Good to see the Birmingham male and, you are right, he does look in good shape. That was one big ellie bull you saw. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much, Leonie. Yes, it is great to see the Birmingham Male again.

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