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White Dam 2:2 Male

White Dam 2:2 Male

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Barry grew up in Johannesburg and knew from a young age that he had a true love for the African bush yet it was only after spending several years in the corporate world in Europe, followed by a two year sabbatical of traveling ...

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on Does the Predator Hierarchy Always Hold True?

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I wonder what would happen if leopards got united as lions and wild dogs are. No more easy targets!

Hi Francesca, could you imagine the sight of 10+ leopards all together in a “pride”! It would be quite the spectacle! You’re right it would certainly make them less of a target.

Barry, what an incredible sighting! We think they’re just were not enough wild dogs in that pack to pull off the steal. It also made sense that the leopard looked for safety in a tree with an excellent lookout over the scene. Thanks for sharing such an incredible experience!

Hi Michael & Terri, I think you’re right there weren’t enough wild dogs and they also weren’t ready to risk getting an injury from a bite from the incredibly strong jaws of the hyenas.

Great video with the hyenas and the wild dogs. Thanks Barry!

Glad you enjoyed it William!

There is strength in numbers.


Hi Barry, unfortunately I do not get a video, only ‘view this post on instagram’. Which I don’t have…….
Apart from that, lovely topic and good pics!

Hi Irene, sorry about that hiccup. You should be able to view the video if you click play while in our blog. If you try and go through to Instagram, you will not be able to play it without a profile.

What an exciting episode/sighting! Seeing the leopard trail the hyenas with his kill would be amazing enough! But the sounds of the hyenas laughs and the wild dog yips made for a compelling drama! Lucky you to have seen it all!

Hi Mary, a great sighting always includes not only a visual aspect but also an audible one. Glad you enjoyed the video!

Totally crazy scene! Good job!

Thanks, Vin!

What a grand spectacle, Barry and Tshepo! Three different species of predators fighting for the prey. Just amazing!
Thanks for the great video

Hi Christa, it’s always amazing just to see one species of predator so we felt very lucky to have seen all three at once.

Great blog Barry with some interesting facts and a super video. So true that each meeting of the predators can have some very unlikely outcomes some of the time.

Hi Cally, it’s always interesting to see how each different scene on any given day will play out and whether the underdog will come out on top.

Had the hyena stolen the kill from the leopard in the first place? It would be interesting to see the leopard and dogs chase the hyena off.

Hi Doug, we didn’t see the hyena steal the kill but we assumed as much based on the fact that the leopard was walking right behind the hyena looking for any opportunity to snatch it back. The leopard and the wild dogs realized that a bite from any of the hyenas could spell some serious injury for them.

Wow Barry that was an awesome video ,and just goes to show that once a predator makes a kill, it is not certain that they will be able to keep it. There is strength in numbers and as you have mentioned in your blog, a predator would rather steal a kill from another predator than to kill themselves. Reserving their energy is a better strategy for them.

Hi Valmai, exactly they are looking for the least energy expenditure for the greatest energy return.

There you go Barry, you were looking for wild dogs and by happenstance you found them. A ton of excitement on that drive and thanks for sharing with us.

Glad you enjoyed it, Leonie!

Wow, this is one of the best interactions I’ve seen between these three predators. It was hard to believe just two hyenas kept the wild dog pack at bay, as the dogs outnumbered the hyenas. As far as the White Dam male, he’s such a large leopard it’s interesting to note he gave up the kill, although I know leopards tend to avoid altercations to protect themselves from serious injuries. So the lesson here for a leopard is as soon as you take down your kill, hoist it in a tree asap, weight permitting!
Great blog Barry!

Hi Denise, you’re exactly right, he should’ve hoisted it to keep it safe!

Crazy cool sighting! The interactions are always so fascinating!

Hi Lisa, glad you enjoyed the video.

Wonderful coincidence that you and Jess were looking for wild dogs, and the wild dogs found you! I read an article recently about research looking @ how wild dogs and lions share the same habitat. They are experts at avoiding lions by staying out of open spaces and sticking to “scrubby thickets “, even when a lion was a mile away. According to this study, the next time you go looking for wild dogs hope you don’t see any lions! 😄

Hi Marcia, lions do pose the greatest threat to wild dogs…especially when they have young pups. It makes a lot of sense that wild dogs would therefore try their utmost to avoid lions at all costs.

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Wow, what an incredible sight to see! Amazing! I always feel for the cheetah, who really doesn’t have much luck with keeping its meal!

Hi Carly, cheetahs are my favourite animals and you’re right they are at such risk of losing any kill that they make.

What an exciting video! The original hyena was darn lucky his friend came up or he would have lost that impala to the wild dogs for sure!!! As you say, numbers mean everything. Even a male lion can lose if he is one against many but two male lions are probably pretty invincible as the Birmingham males have proven.

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