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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Piccadilly 3:3 female

Piccadilly 3:3 female

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White Dam 2:2 Male

White Dam 2:2 Male

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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #513

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Sean and team, What a beautiful set of images! We especially like the scenic backgrounds and magical light in some of them. The close-up of the Yellow-billed Oxpecker is stunning as is the closeup of the Elephant eye! Thanks as always!

Hi Michael and Terri, thank you so much. It was a great week of images.

Were the cheetahs spotted near the border near the security team outpost?

This week’s TWIP is extraordinarily varied and spectacular! Thank you.

Thank you so much, Doug. Glad you enjoyed it.

Senior Digital Ranger

Spectacular photos you all.

Thank you, Willa.

Hi Sean this week’s foto’s boasts a lot of different animals and the colours are so beautiful. Loved the foto of the elephant showing the eye with those long eye lashes. Off course the leopards are always my favorites and the Ximungwe female and her cub are special, his getting so big and beautiful. The Ndzanzeni cub is also so gorgeous. That water buck is stunning and has got long horns. I wonder what the Piccadilly female was thinking when she was smelling the buffalo carcus.

Thank you, Valmai.

What a week in picturesque! I love all photos, especially the cubs of course but also the giraffe in the moonlight , the elephant eye, the wonderful kudus and waterbuck, the birds. The secretary looks quite a character! All big cats are wonderful, I always appreciate so much cheetah and hope one day they will no longer be kept as pets by rich people and driven to extinction. It is difficult to find a wild dog alone that doesn’t look a bit ferocious but this one looks rather pensive. Beautiful picture. I wonder why some leopards have a darker or pinker nose pad… they are the most beautiful animals to my eyes. Thank you for all this beauty in golden light

Thank you, Francesca, there is an amazing selection of images this week.
Regarding the leopard nose, they are often born with a pink nose that then gets darker with age. But some leopards’ noses stay pink until late in their lives.

Digital Tracker

Wow, what a beautiful assortment of animals this week! Hard to pic my favourite. I think the giraffes might win the spot though with the moon in the background- what an impeccable photo! Absolutely loved every bird photo – all so beautiful. The waterbuck and kudu were fabulous too. So nice to see the beautiful colours enveloping the landscape. Such a treat of pics this week. Thanks guys!

Thank you, Carly. Those are some good choices. it is such a varied TWIP this week and showcases everything that Londolozi is.

Digital Tracker

Oh the cheetah pic is definitely a winner too – so beautiful with the vertical shot of the blue sky. Just magnificent. Well done. 👏🏻

It is indeed.

Lovely TWIP again, thank you! Just a question, I saw that there is not much known about the Piccadilly female. Was she born somewhere else? And no one knows about her?

Wonderful TWIP and incredibly varied. If I had to pick just 1 photo, it would have to be the Ndzanzeni cub, as apart from the cuteness his mother is my no.1 favourite leopard.

Wow, Matt, Dan and Chris, fantastic collection of photos this week! The landscapes’ compositions and lighting are classic; the detail shots bring out the nuances of each animal; the backlighting of the kudu’s ears beautiful; and then the leopards, always exciting and entertaining to see, especially the cubs! Thank you Sean for putting together these images for our enjoyment!

Great selection of photos! I noticed the Piccadilly Female’s profile says lifespan unknown. She was born in December 2013 along with her sister, the Sibuye Female.

Thanks so much, Michael.

A really nice blog Sean and excellent pictures of fur and feathers. Also love the pics of the landscape – looks beautiful there. Thanks for sharing with us.

Spectacular pictures, all of them. I loved the giraffes in front of the rocky hill with the moon above especially.

Sean, Matt, Dan and Chris a huge wow to you all ! What spectacular photographs. I can’t thank you all enough for the time and patience you put in to giving us these stunning shots to enjoy every week. We are so incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy this blog and TWIP’s. Thank you for the bottom of my heart ❤️.

Wonderful TWIP-spectacular pics, like it all.

Terrific photos this week! Love seeing the leopard cubs that are featuring so frequently right now.

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