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Amanda is the Londolozi Marketing Manager & has been in the marketing, advertising & creative industry for 15 years & the health and wellness industry for 9 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Journalism from The University of Cape Town ...

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on Londolozi Vaccination Update – We’re almost 100% vaccinated

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Hi Amanda, it is all good and well that everyone at Londolozi has been vaccinated. Hope you are all going to be well after the vaccinations as well. Londolozi is a wonderful and beautiful place to work in, so peaceful and full of abundance of life in nature.

Amanda, Thanks for the special update! We can only imagine how excited and grateful your team must feel. We know that the pandemic has been challenging for all of you there. Hopefully the vaccinations are a great step forward for all of the Londolozi team and your families! We are with you! 👍

Senior Digital Ranger

Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you! And very thankful for my own vaccination!

Fabulous news, congratulations to all. Can’t wait to join your happy family in just under two weeks, and we also are fully vaccinated.

Such a great accomplishment and feeling when you get vaccinated!

Great news, Amanda! Kudos to the Sabi Sands Reserve management team for their leadership and to all the Londolozi staff for stepping up! See you in April!

Hooray! I am thrilled for all of you that have been fortunate enough to receive the Covid vaccination. It makes such a difference in keeping everyone as safe as possible. But I must say, during my stay in April, I felt completely at ease staying with the Londolozi family, as you took every precaution to keep your guests safe. I had been completely vaccinated before I left the US, and due to the care and diligence provided by the staff everywhere I stayed during my 3 week trip I had a fantastic time and never worried about becoming ill. South Africans “rock”!

Congratulations on an important achievement!

Amanda it is so lovely to see everyone pitching in and helping one another to get “the shot”. A group effort and a necessary one. I would hope that the villagers in the area were also included. Thanks for sharing the great news.

Congratulation on your vaccination rate. Felt so much better and safer after my vaccination.

I will be sure to pass on the warning of the evil side affect of vaccination known as the dreaded smile syndrome, which is punctuated by sore cheek muscles. Beware humanity! Smiling is infectious!

hahah! I love this Patrick 🙂

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