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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #82

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Senior Digital Ranger

Very cool sighting! Just an adorable interaction between the two! Good luck to her and the babies survival! Also, congrats on your new born!

An amazing, wonderful video of this mother and her cub. Hoping to be fortunate enough to see this in person in the very near future. Thank you so much for sharing.

Oh my word, Sean – you really struck gold , and by filming it so beautifully and sharing it with us you’ve certainly made my day.
I’m also very happy as apparently the UK Government will be announcing later this week that South Africa will be off the red list this month, so no quarantine for double-vaccinated travellers. So I may be back at Founders on 15th November!

What a pleasure to watch the two interact with each other and there surroundings including the rhinos. Thanks for a wonderful video safari.

How nice to see the adorable little cub and the mum interacting, also how self-controlled she was with the huge rhinos. Absolutely lovely video

Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing sighting,indeed. Keep my fingers crossed for the Xinzele female and her little one.

Hi Sean, that footage is absolutely priceless. She is so protective over her new born cub, and so rightly so. So wonderful to see how they bond and interact with each other. Congrats to you as you have also become a daddy recently. Hope the little one brings you much joy, love and happiness.

What a highlight with that litter, it is a pleaesure to see the mother with the cub playing. Hope Xinzele will look good to that cub.

No wonder you dedicated the whole video to the Xinzele Female and her adorable cub. As you say, the perfect sighting with the curious Rhino and the superb close ups of her showing off her cub. She certainly looks like a first time mum in the way she is constantly moving and watching over the cub. Just magical! A Question Sean…I noticed the cub licking the rock at a point that looked like salt. Was it, or if not what was the cub licking ?

Sean, All we can say is UNBELIEVABLE! One of the rarest Leopard sightings ever. Congratulations and thanks for sharing such a special experience!

What a special sighting and great video! Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more!

Dear Sean: This was a spectacular blog today – and what a thrill to see the Xinzele cub. We were with Chris and Euce 10 days ago and hoped to see the cub as Chris & Euce were sure that that rocky area was perfect for a den. They were certainly right. So glad that we could watch the video today in absentia. Not quite the same as being there but close……… Sam and Mary Jane Armacost

What a fantastic time sitting watching Mum and cub – I hope that the cub will make it to adulthood. Thanks so much for sharing with us – really enjoyed watching.

I thought that my heart might explode…..this is a phenomenal sighting! We saw Xinzele as a young newly independent female in August 2019…. and now here she is with a TINY cubbie!

No words for how truly special and amazing that was. Thank you .

What a lovely little boy! Super video, thank you!!


It will be fascinating watching the lineage continue with the Xinzele cub.

A fantastic sighting, Sean! As you say, it could NOT get much better! Good photography too. Congratulations to all concerned! Wendy M

Sorry Sean. Congratulations to you and your wife too on the birth of your little one! How is the baby doing? Are you two sleeping much at night? Wendy M

Oh Sean, I teared up watching your video from Sunday, highlighting Xinzele and her mini cub. I was able to view her twice during my stay and found her to be such a beautiful leopardess, more petite than the other females residing there. She looks like the perfect mum, nurturing her little one. I loved seeing the her watching the curious rhino! I find it somewhat odd she only has one, but perhaps as a first time mum, that’s better.
I heard your baby has arrived- congratulations and details please!!

I can‘t believe how lucky you are! Such a wonderful sighting! The little one seems to be a very good little climber and the mother so wonderfully protective. Thanks for this video

Digital Tracker

What a spectacular video this week! That cub is just gorgeous and mum certainly looks like she’s enjoying her little baby! Do you think there may have been 2 and one died, is one cub normal for a first pregnancy? Very special to see!

Wow! Just wow! Amazing footage Sean. How lucky you were this day, and you really made MY day being able to view this phenomenal interaction between mom and baby. Thank you so much, and best of luck to this new family.

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