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Tayla grew up largely on a farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, where she developed her love for nature. After completing school she spent time in Botswana before studying EcoTourism management in Pretoria, which served as a springboard into a guiding career at Phinda ...

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on One Of The Best Places For Twitching – Londolozi’s Camp

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Hi Tayla, thank you for this colourful and merry blog! I think you could organise trips for bird watchers, there’s so much to see! I loved the Bushbuck, they are not spotted easily and seem to be a little forgotten in comparison to nyala and other larger herbivores. It is exquisite. As for the serval which would be a nr1 view for me these smaller creatures are like elves of the Bush…

Wonderful bird pictures, Tayla. I did exactly the same when I was at Londolozi last time: walking along the paths from Tree Camp to Pioneer and I also saw lots of birds. I also enjoy watching birds from the deck of my room. It’s such a beneficial thing to do.

Hi Christa, it really is so beneficial, glad you enjoyed it.

Tayla, Thanks for the great reminder that you never know what wildlife you may find just by walking out your door! Beautiful photos!

Thank you Michael and Terri.

Hi Tayla you had a colorfull bird watching afternoon, each one a beauty in it’s own right. We’re we stay near the Komati power station, we have a number of different birds in our garden. My swallows returned from migration yesterday, they are the Lesser Stripped Swallows. They made their nest right by my kitchen door just under the roof. Then we also have the Spotted Eagle Owl , they breed this year in my yard, in a box that my hubby made for them, which he hung up in a huge tree. They had three chick’s and are too gorgeous for words. We watch them every day when they sleep and late afternoon then Mom and Dad come and feed them. They can fly now and are starting to go out at night to search for rodents. Also we have the Black collard barbet in out from garden in their nest, the Cape Robin chat and he is so tame he even comes in the house. I put some grated cheese out for him and he loves it, so does the wagtail pair.
I can spend hours just watching, listening to them.

Hi Valmai, how wonderful that you get to witness all that in your garden, especially that you got to watch the owl chicks grow. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks Tayla, birds are amazing creatures and adapted too so many different ways of surviving. Beautiful pictures !

What a delightful walk, Taylor! Wish I’d been with you to take advantage of your sharp eye and identification skills. I’ll try it myself the next time I’m there!

That Spurfowl is totally posing for you! 😉

Wonderful story! Hearing about the non-drive times is a treat. So many blogs are about the animals that this kind of slice-of-life moments are fun to read about. Even pictures of camp life would be interesting. If it wasn’t for the Lions-Springboks pizza party we would have no idea what the Canteen was! Still curious about the “dining box”.

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Such beautiful birds, so wonderful to be surrounded by all these amazing creatures!

What a wonderful story today Tayla, filled with your personal insights and images of an afternoon spent enjoying the abundant wildlife within the camp. I especially loved the photo of the little bush buck, seemingly comfortable with only you in his space. I have strolled between Founders and Varty a few times and encountered a few four footed friends, but next time I’ll try your walk between all five camps and document what I see in my journal. Thank you!

Thank you Tayla for your interesting article and very good bird pics to go with it! Amazing what you saw in the camp! Wendy M

Loved joining you for your walk to all the camps Tayla. How I miss the southern birds. I have been lucky recently though, enjoying all the water birds in the Ionian/Greece. Some preparing to migrate and others still fattening up before taking to the sky. Hundreds of flamingos, pelican, white,grey and purple heron, osprey and marsh harriers to name a few. Thanks for sharing 🙏❤️

Hi Cally, Wow the bird life sounds amazing over there. Enjoy!

Tayla, love your findings on your afternoon stroll. You never know what you will see and come across on your walk between camps. All the best!

Thank you Christy, the walk between camps really is lovely, you never know what you will find. Keep well.

A really nice blog Tayla. I love birds and it is nice to see some of your African birds. Nice pics also. Thanks for sharing with us – enjoyed the read.

sometimes we get so busy looking for the bigger animals we forget to look for the wonderful colorful birds in Londolozi! Thank youVuctoria

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