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Sam was born in Cape Town and pursued studies in Therapeutic Reflexology, Meridian Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki and Yoga Therapy. While working as a Bodywork Therapist in and around the Cape, her main passion lay in teaching children and young adult's yoga and mindfulness ...

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on Children On Safari at the Londolozi Cubs Den – Reuniting Children With Nature

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Thanks Sam for reminding me about my childhood experiences in nature and the outdoor world. Still love fishing and walking.

Sam what a beautiful and inspiring blog for the children. It is true that children must learn everything they can from nature, learn to appreciate it and protect it. Using their senses helps tremendously and those feelings will be remembered forever. So much to learn from nature and the wild animals, will give a child firm footing for the future in the lives.

Sam, as an adult, but a“child-at-heart”, I would love to spend a bit of a day on my next visit taking part of in some of these activities offered to Cub’s Den participants. Casting a paw print 🐾,; collecting leaves, stones, sand; squishing sand between my toes on the riverbank…. I’m sure these activities can be arranged as there’s nothing that Londolozi can’t accommodate within the reserve as long as it’s safe and ethical. See you next year.

Sam, Thanks for the special story about kids at Londolozi! Even though they are older now, our children still talk about their time at Londolozi and the Cubs Den! Their adventures were amazing, and the things they learned (like making paper out of Elephant dung!) and their time with the Den team were so special. Now we look forward to introducing our grandkids to the magic that unfolds at Londolozi every day! Can’t wait!

It is certainly a wonderful experience for those lucky children who can come with their parents and enjoy Londolozi. It is even more important, I think, that parents teach their children every day at home how important nature is and that they should appreciate it and care for plants, animals, water and the air in their normal lives as well.

A really nice blog Sam. It is good to have children learn about their surroundings and also the value of preserving our habitat and wildlife. I am sure that all kids that visit Londolozi will leave with awesome memories of their visit. Thanks for sharing with us.

It is wonderful to “eavesdrop” on children returning from a game drive or the den. The sense of excitement and wonderment is so obvious.
We hope you are doing well, Sam!

Hi Sam, this reminds me of a David Attenborough quote – “I can’t remember a time when I was not fascinated by nature. I would say that nearly all children find wildlife interesting. You only have to show a child a snail or a spider to see that he or she is captivated by it. So of those that lose that interest with the onset of adulthood, I can only ask “How on Earth did you let it happen?” “

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