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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on Bucket List Sightings at Londolozi – Part 2

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Hello Chris, I agree on all but the hunting.. . Seeing an impala torn to pieces alive is not a top view for us. I’d rather watch wild dogs interacting to one another. The sunrise makes your day start great i think! Love leopards lions and elephants view.

Fantastic your final 5 sightings Chris. It is true what more does a person want? Just to be able to be at Londolozi and watching the animals in their normal habitat is so precious and a privilege. Wonderful foto’s and thank you for sharing your second part of sightings, it does them justice.

Excellent list, Chris – actually both lists! I’d add one more, a mother leopard or lion carrying a cub in her mouth. That would be extra special!

That is a very worthy addition, Mary. Extremely rare to see too!

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Do leopards have barbed penis like lions

Hi Tammy, yes they do. The anatomy as well as the mating ritual is very similar to lions.

Wow Chris I need to take a flight back today. I can this right now

Chris, thanks for the second installment of your “bucket list”! We are sure there could be more knowing the experiences that can happen at Londolozi! The video is really awesome too!

Chris, I’m glad you added 5 more – they’ve stirred some sweet memories! Leopards mating – on our 2nd game drive of our 1st trip to Londo we saw Camp Pan mating with the Nottens female – we were stunned by their closeness to us and the sheer noise and aggression. Another memorable mating was the Marthly male with Mashaba,( during which my camera battery ran out!) – and Nkoveni was born about 3 months later. As for a pride of lions walking right past you, we once saw 9 of them file past us within touching distance. Then as the male brought up the rear he turned his head and looked straight at us – talk about sending shivers down your spine! I can’t imagine 21 lions, don’t think I could hold my breath that long.
Leopards hoisting their kill – how I wish I could see that, it’s top of my bucket list.
Wild dogs on the hunt – I’ve seen their speed and focus, and am just grateful I’m not their prey!
Ellies and water – a magical combination. Thank you.

Thanks Suzanne, I’m happy to hear that the post brought back some fond memories. How lucky you’ve been to witness the leopard lineages continue to grow over the years. I wish you many more great sightings in your future trips here!

Great sightings. I love the huge pride of lions walking single file through the grass. looks great from above!

Chris-great choices. We were fortunate to have experienced each during our July visit!

That must have been an action packed visit!

Masterfull job Chris, we especially enjoyed your description of a wild dog hunt … it is truly a once in a lifetime experience … and quite similar to a roller coaster ride! You really can feel their determination and excitement!

Thanks Chris
Really enjoyed the Wild Dogs and Leopard sightings with you. Hope you are all vaccinated now

Hi Chris, I’m totally with you on the second five sightings on your bucket list, and happy to report I’ve experienced all five although only 16 lions passed by our vehicle, rather than 21-oh well! I think the most exciting sighting on your list is racing behind the wild dogs as they charge through the bush, especially the off-road route. It seems next visit I’ll order a bush coffee at Ximpalapala koppie cc

Gosh Chris I would give my eye teeth to witness even one of these sights..apart from sunrises which I have enjoyed in the bushveld. …one day I hope 🙏

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Two stunning sets of top 5 Chris. Having been privileged and truly blessed to experience these sightings at Londolozi, we cannot agree with your choices more and this is why we keep on returning and why there is nowhere else we would rather be – our souls always yearn to be BACK again. Thank you so much .

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I vote for all of these too! But the lion parade and the leopard hoist would be the best of the best!

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