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Born in Boksburg , grew up in Benoni matriculated at Benoni High , went to Medical School at Wits.Married for 50 years.I am now a retired cardiologist and practised for 45 years .My love for the bush first started after a Standard 5 ...

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on My Week in Pictures from long time Londolozi Guest

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Incredible pictures, special the shots of the birds its taking the breath, thanks for joining it

Hi, this blog has become my own private refuge of dreams… the photos are superb! I appreciate the choice of big cats and birds, also the butterfly is stunning. I immediately was captured by the first image I thought “wow”! What a day! Thank you for the detailed info on tests it is comforting for the future to plan a trip. The cubs are caught in their cuteness, i was particularly happy to see cheetahs, but i love leopards and lions as well.

Master Tracker

Stunning photos

Thank you Anthony, for sharing your photos. I seem to remember this is not the first time and these pics are also really, really good. Love the firefinch!

Anthony. Outstanding pictures. Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Thank you

Incredible selection of images Tony, really enjoyed the bird photographs. Well done!

Once again you have blown our minds with your fabulous photography! Each one of your images shows an amazing attention to detail and the variety of wildlife you photographed made the post extra special! We noticed you are using the new Canon mirrorless on some of your shots. How do you compare it to your 1DX? BTW, we are still in Sarasota and would love to connect with you some time at our restaurant!

Thanks for the kind comments and look forward to seeing you again in Sarasota.The R 5 mirrorless camera surprisingly compares very well the the 1dx and using it with the mirrorless 100-500 mm lens allows it to be used for both animals and birds with a 1.4 x extender and is superior to the 1dx because of the eye tracking for birds in flight but the 1dx remains better in low light for the early morning and late evening drives!

How is it at capturing hummingbirds?

Fantastic -take a look at some I took in my home garden and posted on my facebook timeline 🙂

All your photos are incredible! Those cheetah, and that lilac breasted roller…Thanks for sharing them.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for sharing such stunning photos before we return to Londolozi once again! Your bird photos are truly exquisite!!!

Amazing shots Anthony! One right after the other! Lucky you!

Fantastic bird images!

Absolutely fantastic pictures. The birds are just “WOW”

Fantastic photos, Anthony. The one of the 4 lion cubs, wasn’t this the lioness who had 5 cubs? How amazing to see the encounter between the hippo and croc, not sure who would win that one! – I suspect they would be pretty evenly matched.

Dr Anthony your love for the bush shows with the magnificent foto’s you have taken. Each and every one is so perfectly positioned to get the utter most of the animal or bird. Your photography is outstanding. Good to see an ex South African enjoying the bush and everything Londolozi has to offer.

The photographs are amazing!! What a great talent!

Judy Koehler
Ver Beach, FL

we envy you your trip! We could not make it to Londolozi this year because of COVID, but se are hoping to make it next year. Thank you for sharing! Victoria

Gorgeous photos! Was sad to hear that Nhlanguleni is mating and has therefore lost her cubs.

Anthony, all I can say is WOW!! Fantastic shots of the cats and the birds – you are obviously a professional photographer. Also loved the butterfly. There is no way to pic a favourite – loved them all. Thanks very much for sharing with us.

Thanks everyone for the very kind comments 🙂

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful images, the lilac-breasted roller shot in just the right light is incredible. Most if not all birds are quite stunning, even the common ones, if you really look up close. The leopards in and around Londolozi often seem more golden than elsewhere, particularly the offspring of the Sunset Bend Female (maybe I read that in a blog?). Your image of the Plaque Rock Female is a case in point …

Oh My Heavens! and I mean that literally as amongst this stellar collection with the possible capture of the lioness and her cubs, the birds rule!

Amazing images! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Betty-Lou.

Senior Digital Ranger

What fabulous photos of your enviable Safari ! Thank you for sharing with us all.

Your photos are stunning! I especially loved the birds. Thank you for sharing.

Dear Anthony. Each photo is superb – so much so I now have a BUNCH of photos for Screensavers! I took just about all of your pics! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You may be a Cardiologist, but you could quite easily take bush pics full time! I am so thrilled with “my” screensavers!! Wendy M

My pleasure, Wendy

Senior Digital Ranger

Always a treat when I see your photos posted.. Thank you for sharing your passion!

Exquisite photos Anthony !!

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