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Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother, Master life coach and also one of its most longstanding employees, having grown up on the floors of the kitchen and in the gardens of the lodge. Bronwyn’s official title is that ...

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on Witnessing the Power of Rewilding – The Londolozi Restoration Model

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Hello Varty, I found myself in a state of trance after watching the video. I had watched the Mother Leopard documentary years ago… now leopards numbers are dwindling everywhere in the world, in spite of Joy Adamson ‘s historical efforts now they are disappearing even in Kenya. I am deeply moved by your article and I do hope that, in spite of wars and covid, efforts for conservation will be a success everywhere. Are the older lions the Majingilane? I had goosebumps while watching.

Londolozi is the fabulous result of years and years of hard work that continues to this day. It s place we try to visit once a years as we feel almost part of the “family”. sadly the COVID has caused us to miss visiting, but you are on our radar for 2023! Thank you for the hard work and for letting us share. Victoria

Thank you for the great read & video. Re-wilding is so extremely important. One simply cannot drain the soil of it important nutrients and expect it to flourish. Since all is interlinked, the vegetation draws prey & of course the lovely predators. A lot of small steps, creates great distance.

Bronwyn, what a beautiful video! Thank you for the reminder of the hard work and passion that transformed the land and created the magic that is Londolozi! It is an example that is being replicated and your family should be proud! We know the process continues. We will be back soon!!!

This is just wonderful. Londolozi started the rewinding movement, and look at the great success!

Bronwyn your story is very inspiring and it just goes to show if you look after land properly the land will reform and be restored to its natural state. The wild life will come back and will be able to feed on the lush grass and trees and beautiful Marulas. Perfect example of the healing of the land and must be inspired by all. The leopards at Londolozi are so popular and everyone that goes there will be able to see them with the rest of all the wild animals.

Inspiring post! I can only imagine the excitement that must have been felt after following Tinley’s advice for the land’s enhancement and restoration to witness the resurgence of so many animal species.

A wonderful video.
Londolozi is indeed an incredibly beautiful place.

Bronwyn, thank you for continuing to remind your followers of the importance of keeping our wilderness areas free of the pollutants that have taken over so many areas of our planet, including the destruction of natural habitats for so many creatures. The video is a wonderful tool for educating the public and I only wish it was more widely available. Keep up the great work and see you all again next year.

I really liked reading about the rewilding process of Londolozi in the book “Cathedral of the Wild”. That was a few years ago and I already thought this way of rewilding would be and example others could really benefit for in their rewilding projects. I will probably read the book again some time soon.

I will never not be inspired by the incredible work of your family and your community. It gives me hope that as a human race, we can make great change to coexist more sustainably, without having to sacrifice our comforts. Even in our tiny postage stamp sized yard in the suburbs of a major US city, I felt called to make a difference. We utilize native plant species and pull all our weeds by hand to avoid chemicals. It’s a small step, but I truly believe there are things we can all do to participate in and spread the rewilding movement in our communities, wherever they may be.

Such a moving video added to your words Bronwyn. You at Londolozi are the beacon of hope for rewinding worldwide. Something the new generation are taking onboard very seriously. Xx

Very impressed with the analysis and long term goals set by Lodolozi to improve native plants, natural water retention and plant diversity. This model has been used in Yellowstone Park when they learned the importance of beaver and wolves in the hierarchy of nature.

I really enjoyed the blog and video Bronwyn. Londolozi is a very special place with very special people. I only wish there were more in the world like you all. Thoroughly enjoyed reading and viewing. Thank you for sharing.

Wonderful story, beautifully written. would love to tell this story one day ! so inspirational

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