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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #74

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Thank you for yhe Sunday video! Honey badgers are funny. Love the Senegal Bush male he’s impressive. The male lions are such a spectacular view in the golden light, how trustful they are with you…

The Plains Camp boys are growing into beautiful males, hope they stick around!

I followed that leopard from the time Karula brought him out in the open with his brother. He was, and still is to me, Kunyuma and brother is Quarentine. Loved the attitude of Kunyuma. Was always snarling! Great times at Djuma!

I had no idea that the Senegal Bush male was Karula’s. I do miss that leopardess. Thanks.

Sean, another wonderful virtual video safari. The varied Londolozi wildlife continue to evolve. Very impressive, especially the young male lions.

Beautiful video Sean, thanks…..but I’m sulking as right now I should be at Founders. Changed it to November; I think that’s the 5th change so far, but I suspect not the last! I’m just desperate to get back there (only consolation is I’ve been able to watch more of the Olympics…)

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice job, Sean. Thanks.

Thank you Sean, you are doing a wonderful job on the weekly video, best part of my week! It is amazing to have wild dog pups, again on Londolozi. Originally, I believe there were 9 pups and then down to 6, I was unable to count them from the video, can you give us an update on their numbers?

Cor whatever reason I am having to go to U Tube to get the feed. it works pretty well but the pictures are not as clear as your feed. However I loved honey badgers, I saw the time you rescued one from a tree. One can never
see too many wild dogs, glad they are still denned chez vous. Thanks for a great show! Victoria

Good to see honey badgers, a person hardly ever sees them in the bush. Loved the Senegal bush male and wow when he calls the sound goes right through you. Plains Camp males are two beautiful males and they are going to make a stand for themselves. Lovely footage thanks Sean.

We are so enjoying Sean’s virtual safaris. For us, they have a bit more of the flavor of being at Londolozi as Sean was our guide with Joy as tracker. Of course we have many awesome memories (a 50th wedding anniversary celebration, on the big rocks complete with a roaring “lion”, hippos at the causeway, elephants in the dry river bed just below our plunge pool,) each unique and special to us. But, because it was so unexpected and so appreciated, our memory of sitting in our vehicle on the runway and Sean taking out a laser pointer to locate and talk about one constellation after the other is extra special. Our best wishes to all at Londolozi with a special hug for Sean!
We are working on turning last year’s travel plans, which included, Londolozi, into year’s plans.
Chris and Bob Guy

Another wonderful weekly video.
I would like to watch honey badgers for such a long time as you did. Just great!
The Senegal leopard is such an impressive male and the young male lions are indeed very good-looking guys. I am looking forward to hearing more of their adventures at Londolozi.
And, of course, the wild dog pups are so nice to watch. How many of them are still around? 9?

Sean, thanks for three fantastic stories! Wonderful to see the wild dog pops growing up. It always amazes us that the lions and leopards are so comfortable around the vehicles, and your video shows that perfectly! Well done!

That Senegal Bush male had to have spotted another male in the area for the way he was salivating and doing his territorial sawing. It will be interesting to watch what happens as the Plains Camp lions as they hang around. They are beautiful.

Enjoyed the video this week very much, but I have a question unrelated to any of the subjects. Can you identify the bird calling almost constantly during the wild dog segment? I hear it often during the videos. It’s a single note following by a trill, repeated often. Thanks.

Hi Tom,
Just replying on behalf of Sean here. I believe the bird you can hear in the background is a ring-necked dove (sometimes also called a cape turtle dove); a fairly common bird in these parts and will therefore be heard quite a bit. Glad you enjoyed the video!

A nice drive Sean. Nice to see the honey badgers. Wild dog pups sure are getting big now. The two male lions are handsome boys. Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoyed it.

Look forward to watching your weekly video. Happy to see wild dogs Denning with pups again
Would love to know what happened to last year’s pack of 2 and their pups

These weekly videos are the best! Did you notice the neck of the Senegal Bush male, Sean? It looks as if there are scars there, as if he has been collared once? Or a snare or something?
And honeybadgers are special, I really love them for their tenacity and strength, even though they are quite small!

What a grand job you are doing Sean in keeping us all updated. Such a treat to see badgers out in the open..I recall how brave you guys were rescuing that one caught in the tree ! The plains camp lions are certainly very handsome and capturing them in the dawn light very special indeed❤️. Will certainly b interesting to see how things pan out there.

Four fantastic segments Sean, especially seeing the honey badger out in the open during the day. I don’t recall that I’ve heard a leopard growl quite like the Senegal Bush male. The closest experience was a stand-off between the White Dam male and Nylethi male one night- lots of noise, no action! Are the pups’ numbers at three now? The Plains Camp males look young, healthy and strong. The B boys should take notice! Looking forward to more stories next Sunday.

Thanks for all the nice viewing and info. Still,clearly remember the Magnificent Black Mane. Truly ,a legend. Utterly dominant in his day. So sad ,when he was shot. I remember the devastation,whilst being there. He truly left a legacy.

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