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Jordan-Lee grew up in Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Studies, Art and History at Stellenbosch University. She then went on to do her postgraduate studies in Marketing and Advertising Communications at Red and Yellow in ...

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on The Four Agreements of the Sisterhood of Londolozi

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Jordan-Lee that sounds so wonderful to work with so many woman around you helping, guiding, teaching and just being plain kind and considered towards you. Each one can make a difference in your life and build you up to be successful in your position there at Londolozi. Shan seems to be a very wise lady full of good advice to all the ladies there. She definitely is the mother figure there. Congrats on your position and have lots of fun fulfilling your position.

Thank you very much, I am so privileged to work with these wonderful ladies

Lovely Jordan! So proud to be part of this sisterhood.

Shan Varty seems to be a woman who inspires others, a kind and friendly leader. Good for you to have someone like her for a boss. I wish all the ladies at Londolozi a great women’s day.

Thank you very much.

Dear Jordan, what an inspiring post! I’m sure that in places like Londolozi it’s easier to form a sisterhood. In a big city surely the opposite. Thank you and welcome

Thank you so much, so lucky to have them around me.

This story explains why when you arrive at the lodge and are greeted by staff you immediately feel welcome and by the time you leave you fell like one of the family! Thank you all for you do! Victoria

So glad you feel this way at Londolozi!

Jordan-Lee this is a beautiful blog. I wish each and everywoman at Londolozi a belated Happy Women’s Day. I have never been to Londolozi, but, from what I have read in the blogs, it seems to be a very special place indeed, with special people residing within the confines. I love Shan’s philosophy and it appears that she truly is the Mother figure there. I wish you all the very best in your new endeavour and know you will shine with the help of the Londolozi sisterhood. Thank you for sharing with us.

Thank you so much for this lovely comment, hopefully we see you at Londolozi one day in the future.

What a blessing it must be Jordan-Lee to work at home with your sisters with a wonderful mother there to guide you, encourage you, and build you up. Thanks for sharing your experience and the 4-Agreements.

Very privileged indeed

Jordan-Lee, It sounds like you have found a whole new family! You truly are surrounded by a group of women who are so passionate about how they live their lives, and you are very lucky to be a part of that special group! We love “The Four Agreements” and do our best to live by those words ourselves. Wishing you the best in your journey at Londolozi – we are sure it will be a special time that you will never forget!

Thank you very much and so glad to hear that you love the agreements as much as I do!

How fortunate you are to have a job that provides you with such a support system. Whilst my sisterhood is a not a homogeneous group like the Londolozi Ladies, they all play a role in my life, similar to what you’ve encountered in your short time there. Don Miguel Ruiz’s words are a powerful reminder to just practice humanity between one another, whether man or women. Enjoy your bubbly get togethers at Shan’s, listen, learn and most of all, enjoy your days there.

I will do of course, thank you so much!

Senior Digital Ranger

What a beautiful blog Jordan-Lee. Love your challenge to each of us ladies to embrace the Four Agreements – giving so many more ladies the chance to shine by being built up instead of broken down. Definitely principles I try and live my life by.

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