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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #502

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Beautiful shots and update, those Plains Camp Males are getting bigger in size,very impressive young males, interesting times ahead for the lion dynamics. Thanks

Yes, it is certainly going to be an interesting time ahead. The Plains Camp males are growing and with the vacant western region of Londolozi I am sure they will hang around for a little longer.

Terrific TWIP! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Darlene.

Spectacular. This time our first choice are the buffalo, the female kingfisher and the Plaque Rock with the leopard at sunset.bravo!

Thank you Francesca.

Stunning photo of the kingfisher! Thanks.

Thank you, Doug.

Sean, dare I say the same…a spectacular week of photographs. Hard to pick my fav, the buffaloes in the dusty sunset..the giant kingfisher….gosh I give up. Well done to everyone who contributed , they are all amazing 🙏💓

Thank you Cally, it was a tough choice this week.

I don’t know Sean…those wild dog pups still look pretty cute and cuddly to me!! 😉 Amazing photos, all of them!

Glad to see Plaque Rock looking so beautiful! Did you ever find the beta female dog’s den site?

Hi Lisa. Sadly, we believe that the beta female wild dog pups have been killed.

Oh nooo that is terribly sad.

Those two young Plain Camp males are stunning lions. Wonder what they are up to. Puppies are really getting bigger and bigger and now you can see the different personalities between them. Love the plague rock female foto and the one where she is lying on her rock. The cub of the Picadilly female is very inquisitive and makes sure it sees everyone and everything. Foto’s this week absolutely stunning and beautifully set out Sean, thanks for your hard work and all the people that took foto’s.

Thank you, Valmai. It was another amazing week had by all involved.

Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing pics as usual-thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Marc.

Oh my word, what an incredible variety of wonderful photos, well done to you all. I ‘ve added several to my Favourites but they are all stunning. And Plaque Rock (on Plaque Rock!) will always be one of my favourite leopards – I think when you see one as a playful cub,(2018) and then a year later as a newly independent adult, it is extra-special.

Thank you, Suzanne. Having the Plaque Rock Female on Plaque Rock was an incredible sighting. I am so happy you have such an affinity towards her.

Stunning Pictures. The dog pups are still very cute.

Hi Christa, yes they are cute but now appearing more and more like their parents.

Fantastic selection of photos this week, especially that Kingfisher and the Piccadilly cub. It looks like the Plains Camp males will be a new force in the lion dynamics mix. From where did they originate?

Hi Denise, thank you. I think the Plains Camp Males will hang around a little longer and hope that no larger males move through and push them out.

Always enjoy viewing TWIP. I have so many favorites this week that I just can’t pinpoint it to one, but I did add them to my favorites. I must say the one wild dog pup is loaded with ticks.

Thank you, Linda. It was a great selection this week.

Thank you for your stunning TWIP!…. absolutely beautiful

Thank you Pauli.

Thank u for all the stunning photos. Once again. Thoroughly enjoy,the daily,and weekly ,updates. Always looking forward,to the next updates.

Thank you, Jos.

Digital Tracker

Awesome pics guys! Those wild dog pups are too cute, and the pics of the beautiful birds are lovely.

Thank you, Carly.

Another spectacular TWIP. Thanks Sean, Each picture holds its own story of the wild bush. I liked the kingfisher pic, beautiful. Oh, the croc was pretty spectacular as well.

Thank you, William. there were some amazing images this week.

Master Tracker

Even by the very high standards of TWIP , there are some spectacular photos

Thank you, Ian.

Lovely photos, particularly the Kingfisher. Can’t wait to be with you in a few weeks time, camera equipment is packed and ready!!

Thank you, Liam. That is awfully exciting. We look forward to having you here, travel safely.

I think the puppies still look fluffy and playful!

A really good TWIP and some beautiful shots of the cats and birds. Also lovely to see the wild dog pups – they really are so cute. Thank you for sharing.

Great shots Sean! Hoping to focus on more bird shots on our next visit!

Thanks, Michael and Terri. Yes, we should definitely focus on some bird photography. it can be so much fun.

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