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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #71

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Gosh Sean, always a treat waiting for the highlights… always something new. Fascinating the sequence in which a leopard starts to feed on their kill. Loved the tiny Eli that briefly sneaked out from behind the herd💓 but was sad to see how tired and old the one Birmingham makes is getting. He seemed to have little energy poor chap. Should he die willnhus brother move off or continue to hang on with the pride ?

Thank you Cally, I think that if he was to die that the other male would hang around the pride of females for as long as he could, or until he is driven off by new rival males.

Hello, very interesting and exciting video… First the Ximungwe female that is the most formidable hunter but always on the edge, then the huge peaceful elephants that barely know any stress, then the magnificent Birmingham males. It strikes the way they look different. The bigger one is confident the other is beaten down and somehow looks worried. The pups at the end have no trouble on their mind!

Hi Francesca, thank you so much.

Thanks again! Lovely video. Any idea what happened to the female with the other pups?

The Beta Female is still part of the pack and has been seen at the den. Her pups never made it sadly.

The elephants are always a splendid sighting, and they enjoy themselves at the water holes. So sad that the Ximungwe female could not hold onto the huge impala, would of feed her and her cub for a few days at least. Is her cub a male or female, pity we did not see the cub this time. Birmingham male lions are impressive, shame I feel sorry for the one that is injured. Puppies are looking good and full of mischief . At least there are still six puppies left, hope they make it till they are all grown up.

I think the Ximungwe Female’s cub is a young male, I wish we had seen it this time but hopefully, we are able to find them together soon. Fingers crossed for the pups.

Thanx for the updates this week. It was a bit unsettling to see the difference between the Birmingham males, one seemingly more feeble now than when I saw him in April. Perhaps some more protein will soften his bony hindquarter. It’s always good to watch elephants……. It seems litters of pups have a rather high mortality rate so if this pack can raise at least half, it would be a significant achievement.

Hi Denise, this male’s condition is slowly deteriorating but with a few meals, I am sure he will keep going for a while longer.
Wild dog pup mortality is rather high, so we are hoping that this pack of wild dogs is able to avoid any further troubles as they try and raise them, but I guess time will tell.

Great film thanks! Super commentary too.

Thank you, Phil.

Elephants are magnificent animals, which cute wilddog cubs.
Any updates on BBoys? I heard the avocas were in the region.
Tinyo looks a little thin, but two or three meals will make him better.
Nhenha a tank as always.

Hi Adriel, no new updates really, apart from both the Birmingham Males being seen together very briefly, where they both had incredibly full bellies. The Avoca Males have been moving further south, but do not think that there was any interaction between the two coalitions.

Lovely video Sean – but it kept getting stuck. It’s not an issue I’ve had before on the weekly videos, but it rather spoils the flow (don’t think it’s down to my desktop).

Hi Suzanne, I am so sorry that it kept getting stuck. That is not ideal when watching the video. Here is a link to the YouTube video.
Hopefully, this works properly.

It’s great to see that the pups are still doing fine, though there are only six of them left. Could the others maybe be in another den? The ones from last year stayed at two different dens, didn’t they?
One of the Birmingham brothers seems to be in a very good shape considering his age. He is still quite an impressive and good-looking lion. Hopefully he and also his brother will be around for some more time.
I have a question considering the number of cars at a sighting: you normally allow three cars or one with young animals. Does this include your “photo/ video vehicle” or does it count as an extra car?

Sadly I don’t think the pups were in the den as we have consistently been seeing only six pups whenever anyone has gone to the den.
Indeed, the one Birmingham Male is in very good condition.
In a sighting, we still only allow three vehicles, and I make up part of that three.

I hope that Birmingham male lion can get some good meals in him. I know lions are very resilient and can come back when you think otherwise. I’ve seen it before.

Hi Linda, yes they are so resilient and so I think this male will still be around for a while longer, should nothing happen to him.

Great stuff Sean Zeederberg, looks like the Birmigham Males are still on the game, Nhenha very fit and in excellent shape, hopefully the other Birmingham Male – Tinyo will get in shape soon, nice commentary as well, cheers

A really nice drive Sean. Loved it all. Those pups are so cute and a shame that three disappeared. Can’t help feeling sorry for the one Birmingham male – appears his days may be numbered. Guess that is life in the bush though. Thanks for sharing. I love the Vimeo versions – they are really nice and clear.

Hi Leonie, thank you so much. It is sad that three of the pups have gone missing, I just wish we knew what happened.

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Truly a wonderful video! Thanks so much. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Loved the ele’s and the baby wild dogs.

Awww it is so sad that 3 pups are lost already. We saw them in early July with all 9 pups and the alpha female, when the puppies were still tiny! Hopefully the rest will make it.

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