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Barry grew up in Johannesburg and knew from a young age that he had a true love for the African bush yet it was only after spending several years in the corporate world in Europe, followed by a two year sabbatical of traveling ...

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Barry I’m sure you are not sorry for making a career change from corporate world to being a Ranger at Londolozi. There is nothing that can beat the sense of being in the bush with these magnificent animals. Everyday brings a new experience and something new to see. Also meeting people of all walks of life. I have seen in the past when the impala watch the leopard walk past to makes sure they are not being chased. The wild dogs are relentless and won’t easily give up once they have started to chase, similar to the wolves. This little video clip of the lioness and her 4 cubs are too precious. Thanks for sharing that with us. Just goes to show once a predator has caught a kill it is not sure if they will keep it long enough to eat it all up.

Hi Valmai, you’re exactly right…even a predator that has just killed something is not guaranteed a meal!

Wonderful video with so many cubs, I hope they will survive! It must be very hard to live for an impala. I wonder if there’s ever a report of one getting old, like buffalo , but i suppose the answer is no…

Hi Francesca, impala live up to a maximum of 12 years but obviously face many threats before reaching this age whereas a buffalo will reach an age of around 23 years but with a much more formidable herd to protect each other from predation

Barry, if I had ever had a chance to change direction when I was younger and be in your boot’s I certainly would have jumped at it. What you experience on a daily basis will continue to remind you that you chose the right path. What a special day indeed … with the perfect ending 💓

Thanks Cally! Londolozi is a special place on an incredible continent of wild spaces to explore.

Master Tracker

Wild Dogs and lion cubs , I would consider myself well pleased

Enjoyable blog post! Not boring 😜.
And what a great photo of the pack coming down the road with the look in the lead dogs eyes…

Senior Digital Ranger

I remember when we were at camp our guide Foster said that they called the Impala ~ Mc Donald’s…Because they are everywhere and an abundant food source. The cycle of life is still a very harsh one in bush but amazing to learn about and understand. Photos are amazing and the surprise baby lions are pure joy to see in that cycle of life! Thank you for sharing such a great day😊

Wonderful story Barry with such a happy ending for the Ntsevu lioness and her cubs – perhaps not for the dogs, but after all, life is not always fair, especially when it comes to prey. As far as your corporate job, their loss is your gain as well as Londolozi’s. Cheers!

Dear Barry, I can fully understand your decision to move from the corporate world to life in the bush. If one loves nature and especially the African bush then there is nothing better in the world than a life out there, in my opinion. Especially if one considers all the trouble that happens in the big cities.
The video is great and also the photos of the wild dogs.

Every day is a new adventure in the Bush! So much anticipation every morning.

Barry this is such a nice blog and I loved the video of the lioness and cubbies on their stolen kill. Also it was good that you have the wild dogs living on the property. Hopefully their numbers will increase. A good choice for you in switching jobs – think you would get far more satisfaction with what you are now doing. Enjoy!! Thanks for sharing.

Barry! Thanks for sharing your exciting story and super video. We love that you never know what will be around the corner at Londolozi!

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