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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #69

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one up for the male leopard and 0 for the hyenas! I know the hyenas are a necessary scourge but I am on the side of the leopard any time! so glad you found all the wild dog pups safe in their new den. thank you for a lovely happy story. Victoria

Hi Victoria, thank you.

I’m glad to read the leopard was successful over the hyena at least once! Poor Mashaba circumstances change drastically when females get a prey. I wonder when it will be too difficult to hunt for her

Hi Francesca, The Mashaba Female is still looking fit and healthy. So I am sure, if she remains void of injury, she will be around for a few more years.

Good grief, what an incredible sighting, and well done Senegal Bush male. I am so jealous of the guests!

Hi Suzanne, It was a phenomenal sighting.

Hi Sean what a sighting that was, I am sure your guests enjoyed that excitement of the leopards and hyenas. Well done!!! to the Senegal bush male for stealing the impala and so quickly hoisting it up a tree. What strength he has. Very glad to hear the Alpha females pups are all still alive and well. Hope the lions heal quickly as well. Wonderful video Sean!!!

Hi Valmai, thank you so much. Yes, the guests were ecstatic after that sighting.

Nicely done Sean and we love the title video! Wow, what a great scene of the leopard pushing off the two hyaenas and then that strong climb into the tree … a terrific video!

Hi Bob and Lucie, thank you so much.

Sean, What a spectacular day witnessing the Mashaba Female, the hyena and then the Senegal bush male grabbing that kill right in front of your guests ! I’m sure that must have caused quite a buzz around the camp fire ! Thrilled to see the cubs are doing well and hope that there won’t be any confrontations between the females that will endanger any pups. Can’t wait for the next chapter in their lives 🙏🏻. ..and long may the Birmingham males reign .

It was truly thrilling watching the whole sequence unfold and the campfire stories were ecstatic. We will try to follow the pups as closely as we can to see how their journey goes from here.

This was a great way to start my 4th of July holiday. To see the Senegal Bush Male stealing a kill and hauling up that tree. That was awesome. It was great to see the little puppies. I do hope the alpha female accepts the beta female’s pups. Thanks for these delightful sightings.

Hi Linda, thank you. We are all waiting in hope that she will accept the beta female’s pups.

Great that the pubs are still alive and fine.
What an exciting sighting, the one of the hyenas and leopards stealing from each other.
And the development of the lions’ fights for dominance is also so exciting.
Lots of things are going on at Londolozi. Wow!

Hello Christa. Yes, there is a lot going on at Londolozi at the moment. We will do our best to keep the best stories coming out to you.

Good news on finding the pups and kudos to the Senegal Bush male for his grab and go meal. The Birmingham males seem to be handling the intruders but I wonder how much longer they can continue defending their territory. Really enjoyed this video!

Hi Denise, thank you so much. Yes the Birmingham Males are handling it for the time being. We will try keep a close eye on them to see how they fare in the next few months.

That was quite the drive Sean. Enjoyed it. Loved the leopard stealing from the hyenas – a real switch there. The Birmingham male on the right looks a bit tough – guess they are getting up in age, but still something to be reckoned with. Lovely to see the wild dog pups and hope and pray they make it to adulthood – they are so cute. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Thank you Leonie, The Birmingham Males are still in good condition given their age, and most certainly still a force to be reckoned with. Although it is inevitable that a new coalition will come through at some point and challenge them. The question is, when will that be? How long can they hold on to this territory and the Ntsevu Pride?

Oops……….. i missed this bit about a beta female with pups? Where can I find that now? And great leopards…… although I also like the hyenas, this was a very good practical joke!!!

Hi Irene, we didn’t explicitly do a story on the beta female, we just have not seen her for about three weeks. The last we saw was her very heavily pregnant and digging at a few termite mounds.

Oh, OK!! I thought I missed something 😉 Would the beta be one of the fully grown 4 girls? And she would be a daughter, so some inbreeding? Just guessing……….

Hi Irene, normally the beta is the second most dominant female. Most of the time females within a pack are related (most likely sisters) and males within a pack are related (most likely brothers). The youngsters grow up in the pack and normally breakaway at the age of about two years old, in same-sex groups that move on to find another group of the opposite sex to start their own pack.
So in this instance, we believe that the alpha and beta are in fact sisters from the same litter.

Just love all the photos and videos. Reminds me of home (we are currently in Scotland). I know everyone is interested in the animals but could you perhaps advise which birds are calling on the videos – see how my memory is working!

Hi Audrey, yes sure in some of them there is a Black-headed Oriole, there are often Crested Francolin, Natal Spurfowl, Crested Barbets, Hornbills, Cape Turtle Doves. I hope that jogs the memory.

Hi Sean, can I get the date when this video was shot?

Heather, it was on the 19th and 24th.

Thank you

Sean, Exciting times at Londolozi! We are always cheering on for our Mashaba and loved seeing the Wild Dog pups!

Thanks Michael and Terri. It is always great to see the Mashaba Female.

We saw the alpha female with 8 pups just 5 days ago (July 3rd) in that secondary den site. The original den site was totally empty and quiet. Did she lose one pup? (Were there originally 9 pups?). The rest of the pack was away hunting and the alpha as resting and then called her pups out to nurse briefly and play for awhile.

Hi Lisa, yes she originally had nine pups. When they come out they are such busy little bodies that it is tricky to count them and know if they are all there or maybe one stayed behind inside the den. We will watch closely as they grow more adventurous and spend longer out of the den. Hopefully, all nine can still be accounted for.

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