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on The Easiest Way to Travel with Your Mobile Covid Test App

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Garrett, Thanks for the helpful info! We have some close friends coming your way soon and we will share the info with them! Does Delta Airlines have direct flights from USA again and do they have similar testing options?

Hi Terri and Michael, I’m glad you found it helpful and thank you for passing on the info! They they have delayed the relaunch date a few times this year, although the latest we’ve heard is that Delta is set resume flights between Atlanta and Johannesburg on 1 August 2021. I see they have
partnered with AZOVA to offer a “home testing” kit that guests can travel with as well, which is great. I’ll update the blog with some links for you guys.

We’re on that United flight 2 weeks from today!

Looking forward to having you guys back Vin!

We flew Emirates from San Francisco to Dubai to Jo’burg to Skukuza. 3 days in Jo’burg.

Nice for Americans, but as it stands now from Switzerland I can only enter South Africa with a PCR Covid test, which requires lab work and takes 24-48 hours to get results. Same on returning to Switzerland. This even though I have been fully vaccinated.

Hi Cindy, we are really hoping to see similar technologies being adopted in other countries as restrictions ease. We’ll update this blog if South Africa changes its entry requirements, and please do let us know if anything changes in Switzerland. Hope to have you back on safari soon

Hi Garrett. Thanks for the information.
There is s.th. else I would like to know: If I travel with a grandchild to ZA, I know which kind of documents I have to carry. However, I do not know whether these must officially be approved or witnessed. maybe you know this?

Good info, Garrett, but it’s important to say that the “ negative COVID-19 (SARS-CoV 2 RT-PCR) test, taken 72 hours before departure” is still required to get into South Africa to begin with. And is there a special reason to pack 2 eMed tests rather than just one?

Thanks Mary Beth, absolutely, I’ll highlight it in the blog. I think the reason for two tests in the pack is just a precautionary suggestion from the company.

Curious, do you still need to do the test kit and app if you already had the Co-vid 19 vaccine?

Hi Linda, at the moment for entry into South Africa a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure is still required and as far as we can tell the US still requires a negative test for reentry far all citizens, including those that are vaccinated. Although as requirements are constantly changing it’s good to just keep researching for updates prior to travel or check with a travel advisor.

Thanks for info. Luckily we live in South Africa so we don’t have to do any testing. I’m sure the guests in other countries will find your info very helpful. It would be great to be able to walk in nature the way that the Rangers do. So very different than sitting and waiting for the different animals, when walking you not only see, smell, and touch while enjoying your walk.

Has anyone got the same/similar information for UK residents?

Hi John, there may be something out there, or in development at least. Although I haven’t seen anything just yet for the UK. It seems travel companies around the world are looking for innovative ways to get people travelling safely once again so we’ll keep looking and will update the blog should anything arise.

Great news on both the portable Covid tests and the new flights. I arrived in April, flying United from SFO to JNB, via FRA – 35 hours. Thank goodness next visit my transit time will be reduced by several hours. Thank you for the information that I’ll pass along to friends who are booked there for December.

Hi Denise, thank you so much for making the trip out here, and as you say, now with direct flights starting to return, travel time will be cut hugely. As it stands, Delta is also set to resume its Atlanta – Johannesburg flight route in 1 August this year. Thank you for passing on the info, and we’re looking forward to welcoming your friends!

I have stopped getting my daily story. I wonder if I was unsubscribed somehow. I really miss it!

Hi Michael Kalm, we will look into that for you to make sure you are still subscribed.

Thanks Garrett, being in Europe (Malta to be exact), we are as confused as ever, even though we have our vaccine certificates. Perhaps in time we will have more info as we are still hoping to book a trip to Londo near the end of this year or early next…..

Just got back from 2.5 weeks in South Africa traveling with Wandering Thru! I can attest that the travel was surprisingly easy and straight forward and I felt totally comfortable (and happy!) being out in the bush! I did have a PCR saliva test done in our last camp right before departure, but a rapid antigen test would be more ideal! My advice? Prepare, prepare, prepare…..and then GO and relax and enjoy!

This option was not yet available when we left Londolozi late October. However the necessary nasal swab was arranged by Founders Camp and completed easily in our suite. Test results emailed and printed and we were ready to re -enter USA with all paperwork in hand. Thanks to everyone who made this happen with smiles on their faces.

Thanks for the travel update Garrett, We are hoping that the new safety protocols and testing options will continue to have the doors to Londolozi even more open! We will be back to visit soon!

Important information. Thank you so much for the article.

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