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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #68

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Wild dogs definitely aren’t as beautiful and graceful as Ethiopian wolves or African wolves but they are equally ecologically important. I prefer the name you give them as they are taxonomically related to Asian wild dogs (dholes). The Ximungwe female and her cub are treat under threat… what a stressful life! The hyena should plan ahead and consider that one more leopard means more free meals.
Goodbye James. Well done thank you

“Suspenseful” unveiling of the pups–bravo! Just noticed for the first time the white tips on the tails of the adults.
Mother leopard’s awareness of the cub is amazing.

Thanks so much Vin. Yes, those bright white tail tips are so striking. Especially when they are young.

Thank you Sean for the two video’s, one of the gorgeous wild dogs puppies, too cute for words. They are so beautiful and full of energie. Stunning video of them, thanks so much. Sean you are doing a fantastic job with all your foto’s and weekly video. Well done! Then I would like to thank you for the video of James saying farewell to us all. He will surely be missed and I am certain he will miss Londolozi, hopefully come back soon, even if it is just to say Hi to us all. We won’t forget him, and all his video’s and funny remarks. Where ever he is going to further his career , may he be blessed and we wish him all the best.

Thank you Valmai. I am sure we will be seeing James at some point in the future.

I’m not sure who your companion was in the landi with you Sean, but like her I wept for joy at seeing that first little pup with tiny floppy ears peer out at the world . What a moment and I certainly felt as if I was right there with you..wish I had been …as I could have shared some tissues with your companion .Equally emotional was the Ximungwe female and her cub, particularly at the end when the cub seemed quite shaken by its two close shaves with the hyena and was voicing its thanks to mum when safely back up in the tree.
Lastly thanks for sharing James s touching farewell. I certainly have enjoyed every moment of following his virtual games drives over the past few years and now looking forward to following yours. You certainly are doing a sterling job at bringing Londolozi to our home.

Hi Cally, It was Jess Shillaw. She was sobbing because the pups were that cute. Thanks so much Cally, we look forward to bringing so much more.

Well done Sean, it looks like you have the blog/vlog well in hand!!! And nice to see James in his farewell vlog … we will all miss his storytelling!

Thanks Bob and Lucie.

Two really moving and great videos, Sean. Thanks! The tiny wild dogs are so cute. It is really wonderful that we all can share in the joy and the excitement of seeing them, even if it is “only” from a great distance, somewhere in the world. It is great that Londolozi still provides this opportunity together with you, Sean.
And the leopard mum and cub are so beautiful. The video of the two lapping water out of a puddle is amazing.
Just great!

And good bye, James and all the best for your future!

Those new puppies are adorable. You have 8 new predators roaming in a den. It’s amazing how when given a chance, an endangered group can come back. At Londolozi, they have to be given this chance. You all are doing an amazing job of trying to preserve it and record their progress. Following this pack makes for such great research for studies. Thank you for your time to record and share their progress.

Gorgeous! Got super emotional seeing that little nugget pop out & then panicked for the leopard cub. Beautiful light fantastic fun to have another den on the property. I’m ooozing with hunger for Africa. Thank you for posting this slice of heaven.

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What a great video, all these babies! ❤️

Well, once again seeing your video today brought a few tears of joy , reminiscent of the first sighting of Two-pack’s puppies. All of you guides, trackers and guests are in for some amazing sightings in the next few months. Oh how I wish I was there! Ximungwe female is doing a great job at taking care of her cub as evidenced by her chasing the hyena, but it seems her little one hasn’t mastered the art of timing. I could certainly hear its mewling once back up in the tree after their water break.
Thanks for sharing Jame’s farewell blog. I’m sure he has mixed feelings about his departure, but I know there will always be a place for him in the Londolozi family. I’ll miss the vlogs as they included the bloopers which made the drives so realistic- not all drives are perfect nor is commentary. The good news is he left the blogs and vlogs in very capable hands as it’s been a seamless transition. Enjoy puppy viewing!

I have to say, opening your email each morning brings me so much pleasure & I can’t thank you enough. You spread joy & with your life, that’s the most important thing you can do. With much gratitude!🙏

Lovely video as usual, thank you! The bit of the leopard with the cub drinking was too sweet. And the puppies of course are great! Please say thank you to James from me and Sean, you are doing great as well!!!

Loved the video. The wild dog den (aka beautiful painted wolves) is exciting news. Seeing the leopard mother and cub reactions once the cub FINALLY got in that tree was really special. From the head bump, to the bit of grooming, and oh that 😿.

Thanks Marcia, I am so glad you enjoyed it. They are too adorable.

Saw the den site last week on the 3rd (came over from the Singita side)!! How amazing to see such TINY puppies! All 8 pups were there with the alpha female and she was waiting anxiously for the pack to bring her breakfast! She nursed them briefly and then they tumbled and played for a bit until she moved away and they returned to the den. Utterly fantastic!

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