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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #498

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Puppies!!!!! Omw they are soooo cute!!!
Great photos Sean, love all the negative space this week.

Sean, the pictures are so clear around your subjects. Great photography. Lots of background space fading in and out. Well done this week.

Thanks so much William.

Great photos, Sean. Particularly the elephant drinking and the hippo yawning.
Good tease with the pups!

Thanks Vin. Just a little teaser.

Hi, will you loose the Makomsava female then… will shw likely disappear? Have you got news on the Mashaba and the Tsalala s? Do many interesting animals this week, many birds first of all ostrich. The once -lone female is still around?

Thank you for another wonderful of pictures! Every day we say to ourselves January 2023 is closer. Victoria

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you’ve saved the best to last


Simply envious! As an ex-Tour guide, I miss all the visits to our amazing Game reserves with overseas guests.

Beautiful foto’s Sean, the Xinzele female is so majestic and making her territory bigger. Loved the foto of the elephant drinking, the hippo showing off his huge canines. Are these the wild dog puppies, too gorgeous for words. The sugar bird is so pretty. We have two different pairs of sugar birds by us, which I feed with sugar water in a bottle by my front door. The animals seem to love the area by the airstrip.

Thank you Valmai, yes they are wild dog pups.
That is exciting about the sugarbirds. The sunbirds are stunning at this time of year here, loving the nectar from the aloes that are in full flower.

Great group of photos this week. Elephant and hippo are stand outs for me. And hope to see more of the ostriches in the future!

Thank you Marcia.

OMG!! Wild dog pups, how many?

Hi David, we are not certain yet, definitely eight but quite possibly ten.

Great photos. I love the wonderful light on the animals, e.g. the elephants drinking, the birds, the leopardess…

Oh, those Wild Dog puppies are adorable. I hope you were able to get video of the parents delivering food to them. It will definitely be interesting to find out which lions will take up that area. I would think the Avocas, because like you, I don’t the young Nkuhuma Male and Styx Young Male are up for the fight just yet. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Stay tuned for the wild dog story coming soon.

It seems most likely that the Avoca Males will move across, however, male lions are not necessarily focused on the spatial territory but rather the prides of females that are found within a territory. Will they potentially try to cover both the Nkuhuma Pride as well as the Mhangeni Pride? We will have to wait and see.

Sean, Chris and Nick a big shout out to you all👌🏻❤️ Having heard what it takes to get these photos that we all get to enjoy every week, I’m in awe at the length you all go to to capture these wonderful shots. Particularly love the lone Eli drinking. Are the female ostriches from THE family that featured last year ? Can’t wait too to hear more of the new Wild dog pups. Thanks guys 🙏🏻

Thank you Cally. We are spoilt with the opportunities that allow us to go to those lengths in order to get the shot, and, it is a lot of fun doing it.
With ostriches, it is such a challenge to know which are which, but there is every likelihood that they are the same ones. We are so fortunate to have a healthy ostrich population, I think I have seen about 13 different individuals.

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Absolutely beautiful pics this week guys!!

Thanks Carly.

Hi guys, great selection of photos! Not sure if you are aware, but the Nanga Female has been seen further north than she normally is as she’s been seen on Djuma Private Game Reserve a few times and has been spending time properties like Hoffman’s as well. The younger females including Xinzele Female and Makhomsava seem to be pushing her by the sounds of things

Hi Michael, thank you so much for the update on the Nanga Female. She has been spending a lot more of her time off of Londolozi. I agree, it is probably a result of her daughter, the Makomsava Female. Mothers will often surrender a portion of their territory to their daughters as they become independent. Helping them establish themselves.

Nice blog, Sean. I especially love the hippo shot!
I was wondering about the Xinzele Female – is she offspring of one of the older Londolozi females or did she arrive from off-property?

Hi Mary Beth, Thank you. The Xinzele Female is the daughter of the Ingrid Dam Female that we would seldomly see in the northwestern parts of Marthly.

What a fantastic array of photos this week! I enjoyed seeing a change up in composition via the use of negative space-loved this images! The diversity of subjects was especially interesting this week, from the little pollen-dusted sunbird to the mighty jaws of the bull hippo…. and then, you end with the teaser – those four, wide-eyed adorable puppies! You’re on the hook now for some heart warming and entertaining video!

Sean and team, Brilliant, creative and inspiring images! Great work!

Thanks Michael and Terri.

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