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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on The Week In Pictures #495

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Looks like a great week! Stunning shots Dean…the week of the open sky backdrops!

Wonderful photos, Dean. The more photos of all those animals I see, the more I want to see and the more animals I want to observe. And, yes, if one sits very still in a car and watches the animals in silence, the more they will reward you with their actions and presence.
A good example of the importance of silence I witnessed at Londolozi: There was quite some noise emanating from one car and the leopards that were about to mate, just continued sleeping for a very long time. In fact till the noise stopped because the car had moved away. It had hardly gone when the leopards rewarded the silent spectators with mating three times in a row. If we are allowed to witness the behavior of these wonderful animals we should show respect for them.

Dean, This week’s images are spectacular. Plus the leopard and lion stories continue to captivate us. We especially loved the image of the young lioness set against the bare background!

Master Tracker

Oh lovely – favourites, the bee eater and the cheetah

Gorgeous foto’s Dean. Loved the elephant calf foto, also the young lioness on the termite mound. So happy to hear the Ntsevu female has five cubs and she raising them by herself. The Senegal bush male leopard s one of my favourite leopards, so majestic. But I must add that foto of the Waterbuck bull is absolutely stunning.

What a wonderful variety of pictures! Each one is great. The stories from Londolozi brighten each day and just last evening I was talking to our friend Mikevabout when we can safely get back to see you all. January 2033 is the target. Thank you for the wonderful photos! Victoria

Dean, your photographs this week are wonderful. You are right about silence, sometimes it is my best friend.

An abundance of diverse, well-framed photographs. Thank you, Dean

beautiful pictures again. I love the lioness with the clear background……………..

Senior Digital Ranger

Ahhhh….such satisfying and truly striking photos Dean! Thank you!

Dean, loved lions🤗, loved the chetahs🤗

VERY impressive horns on that waterbuck! Thanks.

Beautiful captures this week! The hooded vultures and cheetah portrait being special favorites.

Lovely images this week, Dean. The wide range of animals viewed so reminds me of what a Londolozi visit is like…

Loved the photo of the interesting eyes of the cheetah as well as those of the Senegal Bush male on the termite mound.

Yey it’s leopard day! How many wonderful photos of these exquisite big cats… how different look the females from the Senegal bush male. Do you know what happened to his eye? The cheetah beats all. It is simply unique. I can’t stop watching it. The kudu bull is also magnificent, all the animals it’s difficult to choose… the rhino looks peaceful and its horns are as they should always be.great elephant shots

Oh my goodness these pictures are incredible. What a stunning variety. This post is the cherry on top of a wonderful week. Thank you Dean for sharing this.

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW!!! What a composition in collection Dean! So different from the norm! The wildlife profiles upclose catch your breath, leaving you in awe!! It doesn’t get any more real than these pictures!
I think my two favorites are the young Ntsevu (sub-adult) chowing on his share of Buffalo. The cub’s look is priceless! Definitely a male, as he looks so excited and happy to have a meal! He looks to be saying,..”YUM YUM!!”
(in it’s own way Dean, this picture makes me cry, because Lion cubs and their mama’s have to struggle and sometimes go without a meal for days, not like most humans. Seeing the cubs in the sunshine, seeing them able to have a “delicious meal” is a God send of mental relief and joy. – I get that life in the Bush is rough for the animals, but for us, (as humans) knowing what Lionesses and their cubs have to go through to survive, IS a relative contrast to what is defined as “Poverty.”
Here in America, (especially right now with the Pandemic) families are struggling, many in “poverty,” but they are getting food assistance, so children are able to have food on the table to eat. This is the contrast I’m talking about.
Mama Lionesses have to trudge for miles (sometimes??) to tackle a kill and then summon her “children” to have a meal. And of course, if it’s a large pride, the cubs don’t always get their share. How they endure and survive is just unfathomable! – All said, what you captured is a wonderful sight.
My other favorite is Mama Ntsevu having a moment of peace, (while her cubs are about and about frolicking..??).
Please forgive me, but being a cat lover, I’m a tad biase when I see the collective mannerisms within the Lions, Leopards and the Cheetahs.
I myself have a (domestic cat) that is 5/8’s Savannah. Although she has learned “domestic life,” she does has her “Lineage moments” that catch me off guard. Her eyes swell up (literally looking like a Leopard) and She’ll lunge out and attack JUST LIKE a wild cat in the bush. When she grasps on to my arm and hand, YIKES! She drills her “raptor claw” into my skin at the same time she sunk her front canine and tore at me! (She just did this two nights ago). All I could think was, “and this is a domesticated cat! ?? I could actually see how deep her fang went in, and how far she tore my arm! I don’t know what possessed her but,.. boy oh boy! Maybe she needed her fix of fresh blood and flesh?
In comparison, I can only imagine what the internal force of a big cat’s swat and sinking bite must feel like when one attacks another cat or they’re attacking and tearing at their kill!”
The beauty of Lionesses and the other cats is one thing. The reality of their internal disposition is something else. This is the silent aspect of thought about observing wild life. Especially those with paws and claws.

Yes, we must fight to keep them in the wild. My husband and I think these are some of the very best pictures!

Incredible photographs Dean..truely incredible! The cats certainly dominate this week but all the others are equally gorgeous. Well done, you must be super chuffed and so you should be! Thanks for sharing 🙏🏻💗

Great selection of photos Dean! Great to see the Senegal Bush (aka Kunyuma) Male doing so well! Has he fathered (or potentially fathered) any cubs yet? Also, do the adult Ntsevu female tolerate the female sub-adults (though I suppose some are nearly young adults) around the five cubs?

Thanks for the excellent photos.

I enjoyed all the photographs that were taken, but my favorite was the black & white of the Birmingham male lion.

What a week of sightings! You’ve captured some fantastic images, especially the detailed ones. The framing of the elephant calf is perfect.

Dean, thank you for a stunning week of photos. Your photos are outstanding. You truly have a talent for capturing your subjects well. Just amazing. Visiting Londolozi is definitely on my bucket list. To see these beautiful animals is a privilege.

Stunning pics

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful photos. I especially love the close-ups where the texture and soul of these stunning creatures can really been seen and appreciated. I also love the quote from Ansel Adams. I love a silent game drive where you can truly bask in the sights, sounds and smell of nature.

Digital Tracker

Beautiful pics.

Love the pics this week! The Nstevu lioness’ portrait up against the sky is especially beautiful!

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