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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on Questions with Kay: Connecting, Covid, Cameras and Cubs

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The best thing to see today it has been leopard cubs! Thank you endlessly


Fabulous photos thank you for sharing. Leopards are my favorite.

Kay, Susan and Dean, Thanks for the wonderful post! Your Q&A was the perfect way to answer some of the questions we all have. The Your images are wonderful and we were thrilled to see our favorite leopard – Mashaba – in great form! We love spending time in the Photographic Studio and the rental program is the perfect way to have the best equipment for us to be able to focus on the most interesting and beautiful shots! We can’t wait to get back to Londolozi ourselves!

I have to agree to everything you have said both about Londolozi but also about the relationship between the trackers. and all the staff at Londolozi, we have been 6 times and are already thinking about our next visit. I loved all your photos and wish I had your talent’ Thankyou Victoria

Beautiful pictures.

Beautiful images, Kay! Thanks for sharing them with those of us missing Londolozi.

After reading this blog I’m thinking of renting a 400 mm lens when next at Londolozi. My 300 is great and easy for me to handle but I’d like to try a 400.

Great photos of the young leopard cubs!

Love your photos, Kay, and totally agree with you. I’ve also had 10 trips to Londo, (mostly 6 nights) and also feel super excited before every game drive. It’s a very special place. I can’t wait till I get back, but have had to postpone my trip 5 times now (from the UK). I’m now booked for November and really hoping I don’t have to change it again!

Lucky lucky to spend 15 days at Londolozi and with leopards!

Senior Digital Ranger

Kay’s pictures are EXCEPTIONAL!! They enchant and entice you to want to surrender, pack and flee to Londolozi to experience it! The pictures are like the old quote: “Calgon! Take me away!”

Thanks for sharing Kay. Beautiful images and the leopard cubs are gorgeous. Photography is unique in the sense that taking foto’s at different times, but staying on the same subject could make a vast difference. Working in the dark room allowed me to experiment with black and white foto’s and allowing the image to develope at different times to get more contrast. I also did colour enlargements in the dark room and thatbin its self is something different again. Today it is so much easier with digital.

Senior Digital Ranger

Loved this conversation and photos. I have been to Londolozi twice and am anxious to return. I often get asked about going to other places but I can’t imagine missing time here for all the reasons Kay points out.

Lovely photos, thank you!

Some really LOVELY shots, Kay! And I really enjoyed reading your article which was well put and descriptive. Thank you for the photos, a couple of which I have taken for my Screensavers! The Bush certainly has a magic! I have grown up with it since the age of 4. I am now 83!! Wendy M

The pictures are beautiful. The leopards speak with their eyes. proud of you sister!

It must. be wonderful to be able to come and go and stay for long spells at Londolozi. I’m sure with all these visits one is able to anticipate far better, timing for a photo, as well as being able to spend time with just one animal and truly take in the scene. I Must say, I’m pretty envious but for now I can enjoy the blog and beautiful photography that everyone shares with us.

Kay encapsulated our experiences and love for time at Londolozi perfectly. Our enjoyment is exactly the same and we inevitably always wish we were there longer! Kudos to the staff for making guests feel like they are home in a completely different environment. And thanks to all the critters for sharing their families with us!

Wow, incredibly beautiful photographs!

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