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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on An Unforgettable Morning With the Ximungwe Female and Her Cub

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What a great morning for you and your guests! Yes, with guests who have been on lots of safaris (and not only with them) expectations are high, I guess. And, of course, as avid followers of your blog that shows all the amazing sightings that can happen at Londolozi guests’ expectations are raised even higher.
If guests visit for only two or three nights there is probably a lot of pressure because they want to see as much as possible – naturally. And if guests stay for a week or longer, the pressure (on the guest’s patience) is probably the same because there are always the “short-stay” guests who have priority and the “long-stay” guests have “so much more time” and are maybe put on the back-burner so to say.

Short or long stay…..when the elephants abound at Londolozi.I’m happy.

Absolutely gorgeous! Do you know if this was her only cub, as last time she had 2 – I think the female was killed by Tortoise Pan?

As far as we know this was the only cub in this litter. You are correct, the Ximungwe young male’s female sibling was killed by the Tortoise pan male.

Best photos of the year… surely among the very best and a best story too!

Just so beautiful!…. excellent video and pics….thanks so much as always….

Thank you, Francesca!


Dean, leopards🤗

Master Tracker

Oh thank you, a lovely sighting – and after around 20 safaris – that would be up there as one of my top sightings -if I had been that lucky ….

Great sighting Robbie! Any idea as to the sex of the cub? The Mashaba is my favorite female on Londolozi alongside the Ndzanzeni Female so to have both of her daughters currently raising cubs at the moment is such an awesome time (now if only the Mashaba Female herself could manage to have some luck with a cub or cubs).

No conclusive idea on the gender of the cub yet, Michael. We will be sure to update as it continues to grow. I too hope the Mashaba female has another litter of cubs soon!

I always appreciate the pictures that everyone at Londolozi post but also the stories that are told about the animals. Especially those animals that are identified and followed through the years. Wonderful!

Robbie, What incredible luck – and we mean having a tracker that would pick that up so quickly! The video is precious and the images are awesome! Thanks!

I glad you enjoyed it!

Lovely, thank you! It is indeed amazing how they go up the tree with a carcass. Without as well, actually 😉

A morning with leopards is pure bliss on safari! I am a repeat safari-goer with Big Cats always at the tip of the list so I am relate to the pressure to find the kitties and have some wonderful sightings.

Looking forward to similar sightings during our upcoming 12 day visit. We have never been disappointed, regardless of the length of previous visits/

Each visit home (AKA Londolozi) is fantastic. Just letting Freddy lead the way has provided memorable experiences…..I’m happy to go with the flow. It would be great to see a pangolin on our next visit🙃

Such a beautiful cub, love the way how mom cleans him and lays down for the cub to drink. Good affection between them both. How lucky you were to see this as she lay right by the vehicle. Very impressive how she climbs that Marula tree with a impala kill. So much strength and stealth, incredible.

That was definitely a perfect morning for you and your guests. I think for most guests on a limited stay they want to see as many animals as possible. For a longer stay , the excitement and expectations are still present, but there’s always another drive, and sometimes you just have to enjoy whatever you see, even if it’s not on your checklist.

what a fabulous morning!! Thank you! bio

What a wonderful start to your guests trip Robbie! A sight even you will never tire of and one that I hope to witness first hand myself one day !🙏🏻💕

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