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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Londolozi – A Family Affair

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Looking forward to going on a safari with my grandchildren

You’ll have such a great time with the grandkids!

A great way for kids to learn a lot about nature

Master Tracker


Thank you for this heart warming story. So sorry to hear of the death of Sasha, but what marvelous memories and experiences he created for his family. They truly will never forget their time in south Africa at Londolozi.

Thanks Karen

Kyle, Thanks for sharing such a great reminder of how special Londolozi is for multi-generational families! We wholehearted agree! So sad to hear the end of the story and their loss – there are no words to express our thoughts, except to send our deepest condolences….

Absolute pleasure! It was a very special experience.

Senior Digital Ranger

I’d like a leopard plaster footprint, if y ok u start selling them, me first ik

We’ll definitely let you know if we do Tammy!

Kyle, loved the photos

Thanks so much, Joan.

It is fantastic for a child to be able to see and hear and touch the natural bush and all that it reveals. There is so much to learn and their little breins can take in so much. Good foundation for a child for their future, especially if they want to go into conservation or being a ranger or tracker. Also it teaches them respect for nature and the wild animals. Condolences to the Naidoo family for loosing their loved one. Rob and Kyle you made those two beautiful girls’ day by spending time with them and letting them experiment with fishing and all kinds of different things. Well done!!!

It really is, Valmai. We do try hard to encourage some budding guides and nature explorers!! Thanks for your words.

Today’s article has memories for both Sasha’s family and the Londolozi family. You high lighted this family with different pictures of their children’s doing some of the many activities at Londolozi. What a wonderful tribute for this family. My condolences to their loss during this time.

It was such a fun trip, Linda! Thank you for the kind words.

I am so sorry for their loss. What great memories they will have from their safari together, forever.

Out of darkness, comes some light!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for sharing your special memory Kyle. It was so lovely, and filled with joy, as well as tears, both upon the experience you shared, and by your compassion and condolence to the Naidoo family.
BTW, the Leopard paw print was AMAZING! (was the ground real soft, or was the Leopard heavy footed amidst it’s walking and tracks?) Your composition creates a very touching and special feeling.

Thank you so much for the words. That ground was just the perfect consistency to form a deep track, perfect for moulding!

what a fabulous experience ! we have brought 2sets of grandchildren to Londolozi and they all adored the experience. Victoria

And we can’t wait to have you back here with them again soon!! Thanks Victoria.

Kyle, thank you for sharing this special family visit with us. Londolozi is a fantastic place for children of all ages to see and learn about nature and her gifts. These girls will never forget their adventures, nor sharing them with their parents. I’m sad your blog did not have a happy ending, but this family will keep these happy times close to their hearts thanks to you, Rob and the rest of the staff. My condolences to the Naidoo family and friends who loved and will miss Sasha.

Thanks for the words, Denise. Londolozi is an incredible place for younger minds to experience and to learn to appreciate these last wild places.

Senior Digital Ranger

The most perfect age and special place for little people to begin their safari experience – quite magical. So sorry to hear of their loss.

Thank you for your words, Jennifer. It really is a very special place we live in here!

I cannot wait to bring grandkids on a safari someday! The magic and wonder and curiosity is wonderful through a kids’ eyes! And sadness and condolences to the Naidoo family.

Looking forward to one day bring my family, and creating brilliant, lifelong memories.

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful article Kyle. We look forward to bringing Michael our grandson to Londolozi soon and having you and Prof take care of him .

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