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Patrick was born and raised in Johannesburg and from a young age dreamt about living in the bush. He grew up going on family holidays to Madikwe in the North West where his passion grew. After high school Patrick went to the Eastern ...

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on Master Storytelling at Its best – Invaluable time with Ian Thomas

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Patrick, loved photos🤗

Patrick, Thanks for your story! It really must be fun to laugh and learn at the same time with Ian! Hope to run into him sometime on one of our visits!

Was unaware of James’s skill!
Fortunate opportunity for you!

Ahh, what a wonderful experience. Truly wish I could be there. His book “the Power of the Pride” is always in an arms reach.
Last time we met him (we were staying at JV) on game drive he was actually driving in his undies covered with mud. He saved an impala in the north which was stuck in the mud. Took some time to get it out.
Take care! Jos

Storytelling around a campfire and maybe gazing at the stars or just sitting somewhere in the bush together is certainly one of the best experiences one can have.
Better than any television program in the world.

Ian Thomas sounds like a wonderful man whose knowledge and experience added to his character. He definitely has touched many lives over the course of his life thus far and they have been blest.

Better auction off that stellar picture for elephant anti-poaching. I’ll start the bidding at $100 US.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a wonderful experience! Nothing like true congeniality shared to create a lifetime of non-extinguishable good energy and memories. What so many long for, brings tears to my eyes while reading, taking in the joy of your story.

Oh to be the fly circling your group during Ian’s visit – what an experience for all of you to share stories, thoughts, art, and music, well songs anyway! Following up to that comment, Kirsten, your water color of the elephant pair is fantastic!! What a talent you possess.
Storytelling is definitely an art and anyone who is fortunate enough to listen to any is all the more rich for hearing them.

What a wonderful surprise to have Ian Thomas come and tell the most beautiful stories ever. You can just see by looking at him, he has lots to tell through all the years being on Londolozi. Down to earth and very interesting person. James I hope those jaffels were very delicious, it looked so inviting wish I had one of them know. Lovely blog Patrick, thank you.

There’s nothing like a sessioned character in any walk of life to listen to, recalling anecdotes from their past. What a great experience for you Patrick. Loved Jos Van Bommels account of their last meeting with Ian Thomas too 😂..he certainly sounds a great character and I endeavour to find his book ..The Power of the Pride. Thanks for sharing.

What is a jaffle? Sounds like it might be yummy, but maybe not…..

It is a toasted sandwich, made in a jaffle iron on the fire. They are delicious.

Thanks for sharing these special moments with Ian, Patrick!!

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