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on Leopard Update: From Senegal Bush Male To Three Rivers Cubs – Virtual Safari #225

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Thanks for the update Sean, but I am a bit confused…..this shows 3 Rivers and 2 cubs, but in your recent blog 4 days ago you said she had lost one of them?
Does her territory still overlap with Nkoveni’s by the way?

Hi Sean, at the moment I think I just want to see that video again! How nice to see the Senegal Bush male, after receiving news on the Flat Rock Male. Could the Ntomi male follow his father in territory shifting? The Maxim male looks huge. The offspring from him and the Three Rivers female is a surprise! And she already lost one in spite of that fantastic rock boulder… she is charmingly beautiful. Her video and images are precious, she is a superb mother. I hope the adorable little daughter is going to keep her company for a long while!

Thanks Sean, for this update of the different male leopards.
The three Rivers Female’s cubs are cute and her territorial calls are quite impressive. I hope that she can raise the cubs.
I always enjoy all your virtual safaris.

Sean, the leopard video was beautiful. Thanks for keeping us informed with your sightings.

Hi Sean, I loved the Three Rivers female and her two gorgeous cubs. She is a fantastic leopardess. Pity to see the Senegal Bush Male and Ntomi male moving territory. Ntomi male is such stunning leopard and he is going to be a formidable leopard. I must say the Maxim’s male is the biggest of them all.

It’s been observed that in human lives, there are changes approximately every seven years, both physically and sometimes lifestyle. I suspect these same changes apply to members of the flora and fauna as well. Nothing is static – change is inevitable. Currently this seems to be the time for the older, established leopards to make changes of their own, as the male population includes eager younger males to take their place. Londolozi is a finite territory and can support only so many dominant males, given the territory size they require in order to successfully hunt and mate. It’s sad to see familiar faces become less visible but there’s excitement wondering who else will join the Maxim male within the boundaries of Londolozi. Thanks for the update.

Great footage of the Senegal Bush male Sean. I really hope he can establish his territory so that there will be more viewing/videos! Also, very cool that Barry captured the video of the Three Rivers Female and her two cubs. Wishing her the best of luck as she endeavors to raise them in the ever-changing dynamics of the Leopards of Londolozi!!

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