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on Where Have the Cubs Gone?

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Sean, I loved Lions🤗

Delightful tiny cubs! It is not easy to imagine them as fully grown and mature males… lions pride dynamics are always different depending on the pride and tbe environment. Thank you for the beautiful and accurate reportage

It is not easy, and the dynamics are ever shifting.

Wonderfully told story with exceptional images. What a true relief to know that some of the cubs are still alive. Reminds me of the wild dog pups when we thought they were all killed. Relief feels good, doesn’t it!

Thank you Joanne, yes it is an amazing story. No as drama-filled as the wild dogs but certainly feels similar to that story.

Such great news 🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤

Hi Sean! I know it is hard to keep track of all of them, but could you please give me a sex ratio for the sub-adults?

Hi Michael, it has been a challenge to keep a track of the ratio at the moment. I think there has been about seven males and the rest females but will check in and let you know as soon as I can.

Hoping to see some of this lion activity (and you) when we arrive in July!

Hi Vin, I hope you are well. Yes I am sure there will be some lion activity when you are here. Look forward to seeing you too.

Great news Sean! We were wondering about the cubs. We know you will find them soon!

Thanks Michael and Terri, will let you know the good news as soon as we can.

I really do hope all the cubs are still alive and well. They are the future of the pride so we are waiting anxiously for your update Sean on the cubs please. I can understand the frustration of the lionesses when they are hunting and the sub adults are impatient and ruin the chance for a kill. The male sub adults must move on and become the nomadic group so that the Ntsevu pride can establish themselves again.

Let’s hope the cubs are alive and well and as soon as we can we will let you know the news on them.

So happy to see that there is proof of at least some of the cubs being alive! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you lots of luck in finding them!

Such a relief, we just need to find them now. Thank you

Senior Digital Ranger

Talk about a cliff hanger story! I sure hope the tots are found! Goodness woudness! Deep sigh!

Indeed a cliff hanger, we will hopefully have an update on the cubs soon

Indeed it is a cliff hanger, we will hopefully have some news on the cubs soon.

You were able to get a great picture of that lioness to see those suckle marks.

Yes we were indeed. She was fairly close to the vehicle and as she rolled over it exposed them nicely for us.

I never cease to be amazed at how hard it is to find lions and leopards in the bush. You would think they would stand out, all that lovely tawny coat with the spots! Thank you for your préserve ce! Victoria

Tracking and finding the lions and leopards is a challenge but that is what makes it so special. I think the tawny coat has the opposite effect helping them blend in a bit better, especially in the dappled light.

Birmingham males need to protect these pups, do not shy away from boys, stay strong, nhenha and tinyo. the avocas are a real danger. I hope they stay until young people can take care of themselves.

I am sure they will do their best but the road ahead is not going to be an easy one for them

A great story of the lions, well told. I hope that the cubs are well. Two to three years ago when the pride was raising the now sub-adults they were quite successful, weren’t they? So good luck to all the cubs of Londolozi.

It has been an amazing journey watching the cubs grow older and now move on to the next stage of their lives. We will let you know the great news on the cubs as soon as we can.

So, let’s see. Those lionesses have to do all of the (real) hunting – feed everybody, give birth and hide the cubs so the males don’t kill them, get food for themselves and the cubs, get harassed by roaming males and even their own male family members…and the guys get fed and grow manes and roar and have sex…and get the best photo ops. Yep, sounds about right:-)

Hey Sean, good news on finding the female with fresh suckle marks. As I began to read this I was fearful that your blog would not have a happy ending. I remember looking for the cubs a month ago, but no luck. Being so small, it’s easy for them to disappear in the dense, tall grasses. I’ll be waiting for the next installment, “the cubs haven’t gone anywhere, they’ve been hiding in a drainage ditch”! Good luck hunting.

Lucky there is no tragic news. It has been a real challenge looking for the cubs. Hopefully we can share some good news with you soon.

Hi Sean, didn’t you love Linda Rawles’ remark below? I so agree with her! It seems to be a males’ world among the Prides too!
Wendy M

Great news Sean that there are still some cubs about 🙏🏻…hoping you can flush them out and get back to us with some good news and beautiful footage 💗

Hi Sean!

How many cubs do you think were in this litter?

A very heartening discovery! Best of luck to these lionesses and their cubs!!

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