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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Week in Pictures #490

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Chris, I loved the lions🤗, I loved the leopards🤗, I loved the rhino

Thanks Joan, I’m glad you enjoyed them.

Interesting how the lion patterns vary from week to week!

Master Tracker

Super photos -as always

Thanks Ian!

A great Week in Pictures! Standouts for me include the martial eagle, brown snake-eagle, and the elephant herd. Also, for the first time noticed what rhino feet look like. Thanks for taking and posting these lovely photos.

Thanks Marcia! I also noticed the rhino calf’s feet. They look oversized for the small body!

Terrific week! Love all the leopard pics and really loved that baby rhino pic. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Darlene. Yes, its always quite special seeing a rhino calf.

Stunning pictures! Cubs first (leopards and the rhino) but the Othawa male is too gorgeous not to be in the second place of our favourite

I was quite taken by the blue waxbill. What a gorgeous little bird! Thank you.

He is very cute. And happened to be perched in just the right spot for me to get the photo which was quite lucky.

Yep, nothing better than sitting in an elephant herd. I have never been able to do it as long as I wish – there has always been someone else ready to move on! – but I think I could do it for the entire day, at least!

Beautiful TWIP, Chris. I’m thrilled to hear Ndzanzeni and her cubs have been seen, let’s hope she can repeat her success of raising Tortoise Pan to independence – not sure how many litters she’s lost since then?

That would be great if she can raise another cub to independence. Hopefully a female as well so she can continue the maternal lineage of the mother leopard.
As far as I know, she lost just one litter since the tortoise pan male, however she wasn’t seen a great deal for the majority of last year and could have had and lost another litter without us actually knowing about it.

Hi Chris, wonderful photos! The Plaque Rock female looks so well-groomed and pretty. I love the photos of the birds, especially the one of the Martial Eagle. And the one of my favorite male lion, the Othawa male. He is just such a splendid lion.
Greetings to Euce and Kelly and have a nice holiday!

Thank you Christa. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I will pass the wishes onto Euce and Kelly! I hope things are starting to warm up there in Switzerland.

Chris these foto’s are beautiful. So excited to see the leopard cubs and hear that there are 3 leopards with cubs. The leopards are so special and I’m sure we all want to see and hear more about them. Othawa lion is stunning as always. Rhino calf so inquisitive and absolutely gorgeous Nkoveni female cubs so precious. That snake eagle looks so bewildered after the attack from the other birds. It must of been an experience to sit in the Land Rover surrounded by elephants.

Brilliant sightings and photos this week, especially the Plaque Rock female scanning her horizon. And how exciting to be seeing more cubs now!

Thanks Denise! Hope you are keeping well.

Fab photos Chris, my favorite being the Plaque Rock Female…and BOY isn’t she so very lucky to have survived her ordeal with the Ntsevu lioness. What an incredible piece of footage that was 👌🏻‼️‼️ Sandra was certainly in the right place. I hope for your sake, you were her guide that day and managed to get some photos…though it all seemed to happen too fast I think. That sunrise certainly made me feel very homesick for the Lowveld.💗💗

Digital Tracker

Absolutely beautiful pics! I loved all the bird pics but they are all so stunning!

What a pity the big photo of the herd of ellies is not really showing the ellies…………… Apart from that, a good TWIP, thank you!

Very good pics, Chris, and a good article to go with them. Thank you very much. Wendy M

I am very very glad that Plaque Rock is safe after her incredible near miss falling from a tree with the Ntsevu lioness! Has anyone seen her since to know that she isn’t injured?

Not that I am aware of but she seemed to make it away with relatively little harm done that day. I’m sure she is doing fine, maybe just laying low for now.

Senior Digital Ranger

When not able to do a live in person safari, it’s hard to imagine a place like Africa having a “change of seasons.” (My ignorance.) .. Reading about how the environment is during the change of season, along with being able to see the landscape for what it is in pictures, is just breathtaking! – it’s like, “Calgon, Take me away!”
– The colors captured in the sky and across the land, both in the morning, and in the evening, .. are just so peaceful!
– Second, It goes without saying that the pictures of the “Felines’ and the “Tots” (being the Leopard cub and the Rhino calf; They are just precious! The expression on the Nkoveni’s cub’s face is adorable!
– What I find interesting, is,.. How you can actually distinguish an adult female Leopard from a male Leopard by their facial expression. Females “look” feminine and maternal, versus that of the males, who give way to being “firm” within their persona to the extent of “Don’t underestimate me!” Whilst the male “Elder Lion” have a look of being “Old Souls who have lived a long rugged life.”
The rest of the wild life (ie, the migratory birds, etc,..) captured within the photos, bring the Londolozi scenery to life! If you sit long enough, amidst the quiet, You’re actually able to FEEL the energy, while HEARING the calls of the birds and baboons. Together, even the briefest, yet full scope of the weeks pictures, allows you to “Feel” the bush experience! – Sigh… While taking in the conservation feeling from afar.

All great images Chris!! 🙌🏼 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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