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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on Welcoming Winter at Londolozi

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Robert, I loved lions🤗

It is surely getting cold here in Middelburg and the winter is on our doorstep. The afternoon wind is nippy and it is getting darker much quicker. I saw the spotted eagle owl here on thursday night and heard them calling each other. They have breed here before and had one chick, which we saw the pair teaching the chick to fly. Our lesser stripped swallow pair had to babies, ( nest by my kitchen window under the roof) , babies grown up quickly and mom had three more babies and the breeding pair left to migrate, leaving the two bigger babies to see to the three smaller babies. They are still here and I suspect will soon migrate as well. Grateful to be able to have these birds here in my yard. Loved your foto of the barn swallows, that made me smile and thought I’d tell you about my swallows. We also have sugar birds, I give them sugar water in bottle right here by my front door, the cape white eye birds also drink the sugar water.

This sounds like a birding paradise! I hope all the birds continue to take refuge around your house, Valmai.

Could agree more Robert, I love the Lowveld winters and those spectacular skies ❤️. Enjoy your first winter in Londolozi and may there be many more 🙏🏻

Thank you, Cally. I too hope there will be many more!

Winters are wonderful–and great for photography!


These latest photos are wonderful. My favorite has to be the White-bellied Sunbird with the bokeh effect. It really draws your attention to the bird. The back ground shades blend in well to the aloe flower.

We will think of you here in Arizona where we are about to enter about 5-6 months of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit!
Our reward will be to be there with you in November (covid permitting) – Spring! Seasons are full of wonder, and we love having a special place on the other side of the world to keep in our hearts.

Good luck with that! We cant wait to welcome you to some more moderate weather in November!

Digital Tracker

How beautiful! The dusk and dawn pics would be amazing!!

That Birmingham male looks really old there. Any chance you know what age they are approx.??

Great photos

Thank you, Christa.

Cannot wait to be back again in the low veld of South Africa! Gorgeous scenery and weather and animal sightings to come!

Senior Digital Ranger

Good afternoon Robert, and greetings from New Mexico!- First off, Viewing the Meteorology map is quite the reverse upon the mind from “across the pond and yonder.” It’s hard to image it being the beginning of Summer here, yet Winter there at Londolozi and South Africa.
Second, how you describe the landscape and the environment is just so fulfilling. Your vivid descriptions of everything, to include the beauty, can be digested, felt and absorbed. Third, as a “cat lover,” I see the Matshipiri male lion as an over grown cub being an adult. (It just makes the senses wonder amidst seeing it’s bravery out in the wild). Call me weird, but if it weren’t for the lion’s true “ferociousness,” I see this big cat who I wish I could hug. – How he makes himself known, and how he is heard, IS heart felt. To think what he sends out to the Universe by way of his “Communication,” is so unique and super powerful. By thought, it touches the heart strings of the soul.

Autumn is always beautiful with mists and colorful sunsets!! Thank you for sharing!! Victoria

Fall in Londolozi is also a pleasant change from the intense summer temperatures and a great time of year to visit, if you like cool, misty mornings that lead into warm afternoons. Foliage is still lush, migratory birds are still around and it’s the rutting season for the impalas, so if you can’t travel in the winter months, think about spring- I did and it was fantastic. Perhaps next visit will be in the summer.

Winter in the bush have so many magical moments, well captured.

Robert, Thanks for the lovely reminder of the season changes. We know you are going to love the winter season even though the temperatures can be pretty cold first thing in the morning!

Enjoy this beautiful change of season Robert!! We are experiencing the opposite here in California!!!

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