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on Whats Next for the Local Wild Dogs?

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Patrick, We have been lucky to experience that excitement of finding a pack of wild dogs on our visits to Londolozi. You’re right there’s a shot of adrenaline when you’re trying to keep up with them and watching them interact. It would be awesome to get to see another set of pups land on Londolozi soil and we have our fingers crossed too!

Hi Michael and Terri. They really are exciting animals, always keeping us on our toes.

Senior Digital Ranger

it always amazes me that in our very early days of safari , since 1979 , we could hardly see a leopard and not at all wild dogs . Now we don’t have trips without them !What is of course great

The work that has been done in order to allow these animals back into their natural habitat is something so special, so great having them around!

Master Tracker

I haven’t heard about the pair for a while, perhaps a refresher ?

If so, many thanks

Hi Ian. Last sign we had of the pack of two was them moving off into Singita and we haven’t heard anything since. We hope they are well and are thriving somewhere safe.

Pups are so cute.. heres to hoping they stick around for a lot more sightings and pleasure…

Thanks Tammy, We will definitely keep you updated with the movements.

They are the most fascinating animals! I followed the pair and their adorable pups and am thrilled there hopes for another pack at Londolozi! I will keep me fingers crossed also! Thank you. Victoria

They really are Victoria. It was such an incredible story and one we hope will happen again this year!

The wild dogs that are at Londolozi right now, are really a great sight. I enjoyed watching them enormously and I do hope that at least one of the packs will decide in favor of Londolozi and den there.Good luck! Great photos.

Thanks Christa! We have been very lucky with the wild dog viewing lately.

Wonderful photo of the pups!

Thanks Vin, lets hope we can get a few more in the coming months.

Very interesting–and encouraging–piece on Londolozi’s wild dogs. Thank you.

Thanks Doug!

I really enjoy hearing about the wild dogs and followed the blogs about the pack of two, along with their pups, until they ultimately left the reserve. Recently observing the mating ritual between the alpha male and female I discovered she just can’t have a moment for herself as he doesn’t leave her side! Fingers crossed this pack of 8 will den on the reserve.

She doesn’t get a moment to rest while the alpha male is around. Seeing it first hand is quite something. Thanks Denise!

Senior Digital Ranger

Any news on ‘one ear’ and her family?

Hi Nicole, last sight we had of the family they were moving west onto Singita. We haven’t heard anything since but hope they are all well and thriving somewhere.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the update Patrick, good to hear

I share your enthusiasm for wild dogs Pat – they’re fun to watch and I love the chaos a big pack creates when hunting, as they scatter all over chasing their prey! Fingers crossed…🤞🏻

They are the greatest Shirley! Always have adrenaline pumping through my blood while watching them.

We will be waiting in anticipation for the alpha male and female wild dogs to mate, so that more puppies can be born on Londolozi land. That is the perfect location for the puppies to be born and roam. They are absolutely beautiful and each one has different markings. I see the alpha female is missing one ear. Beautiful story , thanks Patrick.

We agree that Londolozi is the perfect location Valmai.
Yes she is missing an ear, it added to what is an incredible story.

Fingers & toes crossed along with you folks!!!! It’s so wonderful to have wild dogs in the mix there … they are such fun to try and keep up with on a hunt!

Hi Bob and Lucie. Fun is the best way to put in while they are hunting, you just need to remember to hold on tight.

Please answer! What ever happened to the unique pack of two (female with one ear). Are any of their pups still alive from the litter in 2020?

Hi Theresa. Last time we saw the pack of two with their pups, they were moving onto Singita and that was the last we saw of them. We hope they are all well and getting ready for another breeding season.

Patrick, And the think wildogs🤗

This makes me so happy Patrick!!! Those two wild dogs really were the highlight of 2020 for me – against all odds, they pulled off the near-impossible!! Let’s hope 2021 brings the dogs back to Londolozi for more energy and excitement!!

I totally agree Paul, for you, me and so many others it was a special story.

Digital Tracker

Awww the pic of the 6 adorable pups, too cute! ❤️❤️

They are so sweet! Praying we see some more in the not too distant future Carly.

I wait with baited breath for yet another Wild Dog saga to carry us through this next lockdown. I have to say the three eared couple will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope, that even though they headed to Singita they might recall how well their family faired on Londolozi and return to give us some very special viewing with their new litter 🙏🏻💕💕💕

Such inquisitive, adorable babies!!! Love them!

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