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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #50

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James, keep them coming🤗

Original and wonderful video that opens up and ends with trees their dramatic death and their gifts to animals. The quintessential images of the power of nature.

James, you may have answered this in the past, but why would 2 young male lions from different prides come together, obviously siblings from the same pride do. Love the mohican hairstyle! Glad to hear that you’ve got guests and are getting back to “normal” there. I’ve now changed my Founders booking from Nov’20 to Feb, to March, to early May and now (with the UK embargo on overseas tourism in place till at least mid-May) to August! – is this a record?

James, thanks to you and the entire Londolozi team for continuing the Sunday video virtual safaris. It is something that I look forward to all week, it gives me a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds (but not the smells) of safari. As the vaccination ramps up, hopefully travel restrictions will relax and we can enjoy real live safari once again!

Senior Digital Ranger

Congratulations on 50 virtual safaris. Great way to visit Londolozi until we can meet you in person.

Really happy the videos continue!!! Thank you, I love them…….. And I also really enjoy the small things like the mantiss eggbasket, great to know that and would love to learn more……

Great news that you want to continue with your virtual safari offerings!! They are the absolute highlight of my days, every day. Even if it is possible to get to Londolozi again, it is nice to get news from you and these lovely pictures and videos during the time one cannot stay at one of the most wonderful places in the world.
When I am looking at this young male lion, I think: I saw you when you were a little cub. It’s great to be able to follow the development of those little guys turning into beautiful big lions (refers to all the other animals as well, of course.

Love the elephants ❤️. Question on the young male lions…is it unusual for young male lions from different prides to form a coalition?

Wonderful video this week. The opening time lapse clouds, double banded sandgrouse, praying mantis egg sac, and of course the baby elephant are favorite sections. 💗the sounds this week too! Winds, bird calls, frogs, soft crunch of the lion paws…

Video jammed packed with lots of information and beautiful foto’s. Lightening is so powerful and good sighting to see tree still smuldering. The sand grouse pair are so cute. Two male lions still young but very impressive. Good to see the zebra and their foal and wildebeast with their calf. You give so much information James, we learn a lot about nature by just listening to you, explaining about the praying mantis’ eggs, and the lizard. Gorgeous little ele calf, good info about the marula trees and fruit. Good video!!!

I cannot tell you how much we look forward to watching these videos! Every Sunday we say ‘it’s virtual safari day!!’. This was very interesting! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for all the effort. I /We really appreciate this virtual safaris and without you guys it wouldn’t have been possible to get to view. Great footage as always, Londolozi are just in their own league.

Nothing quite as cute as a baby elephant…..all trunk and ears! Great narration, as always, James. Another exciting week in video. Many thanks!!

James, thanks again for this wonderful video safari. You make me feel like I am with you. In fact all of the rangers do a great job of making me feel like I am there.

We are so thrilled that you continue to do the virtual safaris. Always enjoy being taken to Londolozi at this time when we can’t travel there. Thanks to you all for letting us “ride along”. Love it!

Yay! I look forward to my Sunday safaris! Keep ’em coming!

Thank you so much for your video tours of Londolozi. I doubt I will ever be able to visit Africa so must live vicariously through your videos, photos and blogs. Beautiful!

Thanks James…always so descriptive and so beautifully visual to look at everything you show us….enjoyed every moment of this footage… fascinating to watch the change in landscape since these large rains have arrived…..the ever-changing effects of the seasons!…. Thanks again James

Video #50 didn’t disappoint!! It’s wonderful that you will be continuing this incredible series; it has simply been an vital and enjoyable part of our pandemic experience. Bravo James, and bravo to all your peers and Londolozi staff who have contributed. Will stay tuned to this channel, eager for more brilliance and beauty from the bushveld!!❤️❤️

Really enjoyed the variety of today’s video. Nice to see small things as well as lions and elephants. Really well done.

I thoroughly enjoyed your video this week and am so happy you’ll be continuing the Virtual Safaris. On another note, it seems those two young males are a bit lean and scruffy- seems it’s tough to eek out an existence in someone else’s territory without being caught. I was impressed by the size of the legless lizard, skink. During graduate school I was part of a research team hunting and counting them in the wet grasslands near the coast in central California. The species here were quite elusive and only inches long. Made for an entertaining day……

Wonderful video once again guys look forward to watching these superb videos every week
It’s the next best thing to actually being out on safari in the bush
Thank you

James, We loved the video as always, but the time lapse was super cool!

Yippee! Thrilled to hear the virtual drives will continue. Always so entertaining … the birds seemed to be laughing at you and purposely trying to drown you out. 😂..as for the young males they reminded me of a human teenager who’s been dying to break out and hit the road, then in doing so, discovers that sometimes it’s not always a bed of roses after all and resort to being sulky, sleepy, untidy and not very productive for awhile. 😁Then that wee Eli with its wobbly periscope peeking out of the long grass too cute for words. Just so much info, so much going on and stunning footage! Huge shout out to you James and everyone at Londo.

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