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Christina is the Wellness Co-Ordinator of the Londolozi Healing House. With 22 years in the health and wellness industry, she has studied multiple healing modalities but specialises in intensive body work, yoga and breath therapy. She combines wilderness and wellness in a unique ...

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on Londolozi’s Breathwork Series #1

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Beautiful blog Chritina.

Thank you Marinda. I hope you are keeping well 🙂

Christina, I loved the rainbows🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful metaphor. I can almost smell the land after a welcome rainfall as I do this breath work.

This is a beautiful breathing exercise Christina! Thank you so much! A lovely way to begin the day, and I’ll end it in the same way.

Christina, thank you for this wonderful post! We had really enjoyed the meditations from months ago and are happy to have this wonderful tool and reminder. The breathing techniques are very useful in these stressful times. We would love to see more!

Hello Micheal and Terri
Apologies for my late response! I am so glad you are enjoying the meditations and techniques. We look forward to welcoming you back soon 🙂

Dear Christina thank you sooo much for the great breathing exercise I’m doing it right now! And the lovely pictures. I will be always grateful to John Varty for letting us know Londolozi through his documentary on the Mother Queen

Great exercise, lovely story and wonderful pictures. Thanks!

Thank you for this blog – great information on water tables and how rain works on saturating the earth but especially the breathing techniques. It’s a good reminder.

That certainly must be a wonderful experience to inhale and exhale that beautiful clean air at Londolozi. Everything you have mentioned about bring the blood pressure down and the heart rate variability is forsure true. I can just imagine how relaxed a person can be there in that wondorous environment. So thankful for the soft rain, which indeed will make the water table rise and replenish the bush. Beautiful foto of the leopard shacking it’s head.

Thank you very much for the breathing tips!

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