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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Week in Pictures #479

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Chris, I loved all leopard🤗

Stunning pics. Love the leopards and lions.

I was reminded of a question I have by the picture of the Giraffe. Does it really have white ears? I was watching a documentary last night and all the Giraffes had white ears. I never noticed this before, but is this true for all breeds of Giraffe?

The violet backed starling are so colourful, I have never seen them before. I hope the flat rock male and senegal bush male don’t come to blows over territory. They are both such beautiful leopards and I wish that all have their own territory. Elephants love the marulas and it is wonderful to see them shacking the trees for the fruit. Good to see the lions mating, now we can look forward to cubs. The bush is looking so lush after the rains and I am sure the animals are loving the pools of water, especialy the elephants. Rivers flowing means ample water for the crocs and hippos as well.

Wonderful pictures! I love the birds especially the starlings and the crake, the elephant bull and giraffe bull , the terrapin is too nice it made me smile… but lions and leopards take the accolade they are spectacular and expressive, you can read their emotions…the Tavangumi male deserves a prize!

Some really nice photos. I was in Londolozi towards the end of your winter, and I enjoy seeing Londolozi in all of its green splendor now that I am on the cusp of our spring.

The cumulonimbus cloud image is stunning and the perfect accompaniment to TWIP. Tavangumi male is looking strong as well as the Senegal Bush male, but the Birmingham male seems to look older and more tired…… kudos to a good week of photo sharing.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a joy it is to see these spectacular photos – certainly brighten up the cold, icy winter days here in the UK. I look forward to my daily dose of Londolozi therapy. Thank you!

Thanks for the great gallery Chris. Many iconic images, several saved!!

Great B&W of the Birmingham male!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the share…

This was definitely a good week of sightings, wow you guys sure had awesome sightings. I hope every one is still doing well and staying safe

Great pictures. I love apart from all the others as well especially the one of the clouds. Very impressive.

Digital Tracker

Absolutely STUNNING pics! What a treat! Thank you so much! Thoroughly enjoyed looking through these pics!

Chris and Nick, what an awesome post. We loved seeing the bird shots. We have always heard how challenging it can be with the high grasses, and appreciate your efforts to find worthy subjects!

Great pictures!! Captured so much of the spirit and wonder that surrounds us at Londolozi

So I wonder what happens when the river levels drop and Flat Rock comes back down south. Will he reclaim territory or will he permanently shift more north? Never thought of weather as influencing territories!

Considering the challenge with the long lush grass your photos are fabulous Chris. The Eli and the Tavangumi Male leopard are the winners for me but gosh, the starlings are beautiful ..never seen them ! 🙏🏻💕

Nice sighting of the African Crake!!!

Great photos. The western cattle egret is so lovely with that coral color.

Wow – loved the Finfoot and Tavangumi Leopard shots!

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