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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #42

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Loved the videos this week.

just loved this video James. Amazing gathering of elephants at the end. Thank you for sharing this with us.

James, I loved the video🤗

Thanks James, what a fabulous introduction to 2021! Happy New Year to you all. Any idea which leopard that was on the far river bank?

Hi Suzanne yes it was the Finfoot female…

What a spectacular “Week in Video” James! Grand Opening for the year 2021…. And congratulations to the brave Kevin ready to face the Londolozi dynosaur (is that the gear he is currently using as a protection against Covid ???).

Senior Digital Ranger

Magic, indeed. Thanks.

What an extraordinary .safari!! Fabulous to see the leopards and the elephant convention. was fantastic , and I loved est hung the hornbill feeding his cloistered wife!! Thank you! Victoria

Great video this week. Wish I had been there. Thank you

Thanx James for my weekly dose of safari adventures.

Hi what a wonderful start fir the new year! Cubs and calves and chick’s… the little leopard is a character. Happy New Year

Just fantastic, those elephants splashing around in the river. And I loved the watching of the hornbills. Sitting in one spot in the car for a long time and just watching what’s going on around you: my idea of heaven!

By the way: sorry I nearly forgot: a very happy and healthy and wonderful year 2021 to all of you

Thank you, James for an excellent experience to begin 2021. From the fun -looking protective garb for measuring a huge lizard to the chirping of birds as you sit quietly to the delightful splashing of the elephants…Oh I wish I could travel back to Londolozi in 2021. Best wishes to all in the New Year.

This Safari video #42 is one of the many extra-specially beautiful ones you’ve made. There was a rhythm to it from the sweet interplay of mother & cub leopard & the caring, careful reach of the male hornbill in feeding his mate. Then the slightly hilarious but jolly good job of “measuring the dragon”. Ending sublimely with the joyfully, large herd of elephant. Not to mention the splish-splash river crossing! Well done, you chaps, Forgive me for my exuberance! Susan

What a fabulous video! Each segment of the various animals/birds was truly outstanding. And then when it seemingly couldn’t get better….bring in the HUGE herd of elephant! They were lovely against the lush summer greenery! Great job!!

Fabulous video, especially seeing that humongous elephant herd on our big screen TV! All the images of the reserve in summer are inspiring us to consider a summer visit – after the upcoming April trip!

What an amazing safari! Beautiful video around Makomsava and her cub! And you have a great sense of humor regarding the part about the giant Lizzard Monitor… The Hornbill couple – what a couple! What a collaboration! Her husband is probably a little addicted to gourmet food… and what a sense of duty! He is a role model! 😉 And finally what amazing sight of elephants! I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing!

Absolutely marvelous footage and narrative!!! What a remarkable life you all lead to be able to marvel at the abundant wildlife. And to share with us is priceless! Thank you.

Great video — enjoyed all of it. The Elephants at the end were just stunning

A really special virtual safari James – thank you. It takes one away from the dreaded virus for a short while. Impressed by the bravery of measuring the monitor giant. Loved the ellies – an extremely large herd – awesome. Happy New Year to you all and be well and stay safe.

Thank you James for that beautiful video, filled with so much going on. So glad to see the Makomsava females cub is still alive. The monitor lizard was huge. The elephants were the best I have ever seen. They really enjoyed the water and made the most of it. Well done for that footage!!!

GREAT video this week! Love seeing Makhomsava with her cub on the top at that rock!! The Great Monitor Lizard Measuring was hilarious and the hornbill feeing his imprisoned mate was interesting…..and the Ellie herd was a perfect finishing touch!

Great way to begin the New Year!
I ran into Ryan H today and we were both raving about the quality of the videos. Thank you!

Perfect start to 2021! Particularly enjoyed Kevin gearing up to take on that monitor lizard (do they spit or why did he have goggles?) Great news about the Leopard cub too!

Awesome week of videos James! Life is in full bloom in the bush, from leopards to hornbills to elephants… hooray!!

Stupendous start to the year👌💖💖..what an incredible variety of footage with the perfect music to accompany them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them all 😁. Brilliant thanks James ❤️🙏

The video was simply amazing! Thank you!

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