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Born into a family passionate about wildlife Josh knew from a very young age that he wanted to work in the African bush. He was fortunate enough to spend his school holidays going on annual family trips to the same two destinations – ...

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on Quantity Makes Quality (In This Case)

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It is always about the smaller things in the bush that give the most pleasure.

Couldn’t agree more Marinda.

Josh, I loved the video🤗

Great video!

we were at a camp in Botswana one year on our est to Londolozi and for 3 nights we were surrounded by flying termites. Ou guide told us his grandmother used to cat h them , cook them and eat them as a source of protein. Victoria

Dear Josh, this is one of the best newsletters I ever read and the video is like a fairytale. I have goosebumps! By the way it sound so very interesting. We all depen on the smallest creatures and plants in the end

Thank you Francesca! It is an eye opener and gives us so much more perspective when “ranking” the importance of animals. Everything plays their role, no matter how small.

Hello Josh, Very well written, it is so easy to ignore what is small even though it is very importent…
Beautiful photos! I loved your video!
Here comes two questions.
Do you know which other homes/shelters that is popular to ”take over” from other animals besides the home of the termites?
I have got the impression that the termiters seems to be the real estate agents of the bush?
Are they? 😃

Off the top of my head the only other homes I can think of Ann are holes in trees made by insects and/or birds which are occupied by lizards, snakes and other birds. There is a moth that lives in the soles of dead elephants, but I think you would agree with me that’s quite a niche market.
Termites are certainly the real estate agents of the bush!

Thank you for your answer! That is interesting to know.

Senior Digital Ranger

So beautiful and so importent that we appreciate all life, not be fearful or hateful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have a question. In the video it looks like 3 different termites. A small termite, the long one with wings they will loose and a hefty looking termite with large pinschers. Could you tell us which are the female, males etc…? Thank you!

Hi Johanna. The small hefty ones with enlarged heads and big pincers are the soldiers of the colony. The long ones with wings are the reproductive alates. And the small termites are the workers which make up the majority of the colony. Hope this helps!

Fascinating read. Thanks for the enlightenment and education about creatures we normally consider as pests. Good to know how vital they are to the ecology of the region.

Hi Josh…thanks so much for that rather lovely and really informative explanation and description of the importance of termites in the biosystem…..they play such a vital role in keeping the ecosystem balanced….. I witnessed it myself in S Africa just after the rains…. quite a humbling sight…..then watching as the birds and all sorts of little predators swooped on them to get their protein fix!… really fascinating….thanks again Josh

That was beautiful – and the picture with them spotlit turned out beautifully – sort of an abstract piece of art

I remember as a kid growing up on the outskirts of Johannesburg running around trying to catch the flying termites while riding my horse bareback through the veld. These sightings were amazing to me then and still haven’t lost their fascination for me 40 years later. Thanks for this. More blogs on bugs please…

It’s a pleasure Tracey! Will do my best for some more interesting bug blogs.

That was one of the coolest and more hilarious sightings of our stay! Driving through termites for 15 minutes straight was insane and they got all over our clothes and in our hair! Thanks for the sighting 🦟

Thank you Josh for another fascinating article devoted to one of the smaller species of the veld/bush. Your video was magical, the accompanying music adding to a spiritual feeling. Good to see you back.

Good to be back Denise. Thank you!

Great and fascinating post Josh. You’re right, I always think of termites as pests? But what they do for all of us is little known and rarely seen. Thanks so much for the great information!

I watched the video more times and shared it

What a great sight to see Josh! To all things great and small 👌🙏❤️

Josh, What an awesome sighting and beautiful video! Thanks for the wonderful education!

Although I’ve seen the huge termite mounds, I never understood the how’s or why’s until now. Thanks!

Beautiful 👌

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